Sunday, February 8, 2015

Republicans Are Ready for Hillary (Whether She Runs or Not)

GOP Ready for Hillary?
You Betcha (is she running?)
I have to admit that Democrats have quite a man-crush on Hillary Clinton.

Are they wise to place are their political eggs in the basket of Mother Hen Clinton?

She was the inevitable candidate in 2008, and she was brazen enough to suggest that she would have wrapped up the nomination by March 2008.

Not only did she have to fight hard through June, but she missed the goal, and the Junior US Senator of Illinois, Barack Hussein Obama, swept the nomination, then the Presidency.

Hillary may have been ready for the 3am call on the Red Phone, but she missed the Red Eye Flight of the diversity caucus which supported the black candidate instead of the female candidate for President. Not that the color of his skin or the contours of her gender made either candidate fit for the Whitehouse in the first place.

Like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin, complete with all the stories regaling friends and acquaintances about his generous bounty, so too deeply dedicated Democratic partisans throughout the country are "Ready for Hillary", holding their breath until the DNC nomination convention. If they do not shout "Boo!" at God and respect Jerusalem as the true and eternal capital of Israel, then their collective electoral sanity will have returned.

Then again, if Hillary Clinton, the lackluster first-term (and only term) Secretary of State under Obama, and prior to that a Bush-sympathizer on the Iraq War in the early 2000s, and before that the failed First Lady who helped the Democratic Party lose their House majority for the first in forty years, is the party's nominee, they may find a tired candidate with nothing to offer  aside from a polluted wellspring of status quo activists who refused to let the Dream of First Lady President die.

Republicans are indeed ready for Hillary, precisely because there is nothing to challenge. The Republicans have experienced the necessary purge of Establishmentarianism from their ranks. First with Romney's loss in 2012, followed by his wise decision not to run in 2016, and now the crater of Jeb Bush in recent polls. Not that Jeb would have been a bad president (on paper and in legacy), but conservative activists, learning how to the play the politics game, have beefed up support and organization of the wider, more conservative cadre of potential Presidential contenders.

Republicans are now on the right side of history (to mock the oft-repeated theme of liberal antagonists) regarding life, labor unions, and even the Second Amendment. Why the conservatives are unwavering and still standing? Because these issues will never die away, and their salience will never depart.

Where does Hillary stand on these issues? No one knows. Where will she stand on these issues? If those campaign directors handling the Wife of Bill have their way, the American public will have no idea, or remain unsure and uninterested for the duration of 2016.

Will the cult of Clinton endure for another fifteen months, lasting through a primary process to coronate the Democratic Donor base's liberal princess? Democrats are already worried about a Democratic Party full of old, white, rich people, in contrast to the diverse rainbow coalition of candidates among Republicans: two Latinos (Cruz and Rubio), one woman (Carly Fiorina), and an African-American (Ben Carson, also an accomplished and celebrated neurosurgeon). As for the Democrats, they have Joe Biden (gaffe-prone and offensive), Jim Webb (a Reagan appointee in the US Navy), Elizabeth Warren, a wealth academic of dubious indigenous pedigree. There's also Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an Independent Socialist (a subtle contradiction) who must decide to stray to his independent status for government dependence, or join the Democratic Party and pull their organization further into its self-destructive left-leaning core.

Whether Hillary Clinton runs for President, the Republican Party will be ready for her. The Democratic Party is making the same mistake, just like Clinton. Why would they retread a candidate who has been vetted in the public sphere for more than two decades, who ran on an arrogant aura of inevitability, only to lose to a sprat from Chicago, Hillary's home city? Polling has been inaccurate in the past, and with Republicans sweeping the governorships of Maryland and Illinois, and Massachusetts, plus Ed Gillespie's near-victory in otherwise deep blue Virginia, the volatile nature of today's American politics, hyped up on social media with an easily bored, deeply uninformed electorate, anything can happen.

And Republicans are ready.

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