Saturday, February 14, 2015

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber Resigns

Oregon residents need to take a long hard look at their voting records.

2014 was a shellack-nado for the Democratic Party nationwide, yet the did surprisingly well in deep blue Oregon.

Not even Illinois was immune to the Republican wave. But Oregon?

In Washington State, Republicans gain seats in the state legislature? But in Oregon?

Democrats held onto the governor's seat, the US Senate candidate James Merkeley got reelected, too, even though Obamacare was deeply unpopular, and all along the I-5 billboards blasted Merkeley for supporting that terrible legislation.

To make matters worse, Cover Oregon, the Obamacare state exchange, was so bad, so corrupted, that the state lost $200 million trying to set it up, and it still failed!

Despite massive government failures, and the plunging approval of Democrats across the county, Democrats actually gained seats in the state legislature, too.

What is going on in Beaver State Oregon?

Republicans are currently a very disunited bunch.  If they start uniting around common causes and commonsense reforms, they can take back their state.

Governor of John Kitzhaber
Now they have an opportunity: Governor John Kitzhaber has finally called it quits in the wake of pay-for-play allegations.

There will be a special election next year for Governor of Oregon.

Oregon Republican Party

Republicans have a chance to get their act together, work together, and get someone qualified to represent their state.

Newly-installed Governor Kate Brown

The Secretary of State Kate Brown, now turned Governor has one claim to fame -- she likes to sleep with men and women. That is both shameful as well as stupid. How about not sleeping with special interests and working for the best interests of all Oregonians!

My father did not leave California and settle in Oregon so that liberal politicians could continue pursuing offensive, illiberal policies. What's worse, the new governor is a cheerleader for public sector unions. When will they ever learn? Unions are as unpopular as they have ever been, and they are going the way of the dinosaur and the dodo.

Oregon may have endured a flood of Californians, but people do not flee California for Oregon because of the weather. They are looking for a state with a lower cost of living and  less government burden. The Oregon Democratic Establishment has made a number of mistakes if they believe that the California influx is making

Instead of making people more dependent on the state, the Salem political class needs to respect their state's motto Alis volat propriis and let everyone fly on their own wings.

Pundits in the state point out that the three epicenters of political power, Portland, Salem, and Eugene, are heavily liberal, Democratic strongholds. Yet with more residents looking for a little less burden, and  more money in their pockets, there may be a change  a comin' to the Beaver State.

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