Friday, February 20, 2015

The NRCC 2016 Donkeys: The Jim Costa Award

The National Republican Congressional Committee is seeking a do-over for some potential seats which they missed out on flipping in 2014. Entitled Donkeys 2016, the RNCC listed nineteen Democratic Congressional reps whom they look to challenge and ultimately unseat.

In California, they have targeted five seats, including John Garamendi, who was not considered a beatable incumbent in 2014.

I commend the committee for considering the other New Hampshire a winnable seat, too.

But they forgot to list some other vulnerable incumbents. Another category which the RNCC should add to their welcome and humorous Academy Awards of Vulnerable incumbents is the "Jim Costa":

For Most Likely to Lose if RNC Pays Attention

Jim Costa (D-CA)

Let's start with the candidate after whom the award is named.

Jim Costa

Jim Costa of Fresno, CA beat off a challenger in 2014, who came very close to unseating him, and in a district where no one was paying attention. Dairy farmer Johnny Tacherra campaigned on clear-cut conservative principles, but specifically he honed in on the water problem afflicting Central Valley farmers. Liberal interests in the two metropolis hubs, Los Angeles and San Francisco, are not paying attention to the plight of the farmers, whose agriculture feeds the country, and whose wealth keeps California high-ranking in GDP.

Costa should have been on the list, too, and I imagine that as water issues become worse in the Central Valley, gun-rack Democrats and small businesses who understand supply, demand, profit and loss will stop going along with the Democratic Party line and cross over for a Republican.

I also wish that the Republican National Committee would pay more attention to New England. While they are targeting the other New Hampshire Congressional seat (they need to get the right candidate and unify for the primary), there is still hope for the state whose motto is hope.

David Cicilline (D-RI)
David Cicilline

I am still convinced, if the local party in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations can find the right candidate with the right message, and the right team of volunteers, then the three-term incumbent David Cicilline will face not only a strong challenge, but find himself out of a job. If the capital city Providence goes bankrupt, if property and violent crime go from bad to worse, then former Providence mayor "Grand Theft Auto" Cicilline will have more than some explaining to do.

Is there any indication at all that a Republican can win in a state with a five-to-one Dem/GOP ratio?

Cicilline barely won his house seat in 2010, and from that point on there have been Independents-turned-Republicans who step out of private life (without a lengthy political career) to run against the former "Prince of Providence". With the sudden revelation that the House LGBT caucus is charging members and staff, coupled with his state's stagnant unemployment and Cicilline's lack of accomplishment, Rhode Island voters may find themselves pushing for another candidate.

And the last Donkey. . .

Luis Gutierrez

Luis Gutierrez

The very face of executive amnesty and advocacy of illegal aliens at the expense of legal residents, both born and naturalized, Gutierrez has positioned himself in the media leading the charge for executive amnesty, even in the face of the latest ruling from the Texas Federal court, and even though the vast majority of Americans reject President Obama's unconstitutional maneuvering.

He admitted to a crowd of supporters that Democrats and the Obama Administration had the opportunity to enact immigration reform in during the 111th Congress (From 2009-2011), and they did not. Instead, Democrats were pursuing Cap and Trade then Obamacare.


Lately, Gutierrez has been crossing the country whipping up support for President Obama's Executive Amnesty. He started in Rhode Island.

Constituents need to ask serious questions: what is Gutierrez doing in Rhode Island? Shouldn't he be in Washington representing the need of his voters?

He also claimed that there would be unprecedented militancy if executive amnesty was blocked. Not only does he not represent his residents, but he flaunts illegal violence and rebellion all in the name of a social cause, one based unsound legal reasoning.

Take a look at his Congressional district:

Illinois Fourth Congressional District
This is one of the most contorted gerrymanders on record. Democrats in Springfield, Illinois have ensured Gutierrez a purportedly safe seat, and yes he did win his last election with 78% of the vote.

Does that mean that Gutierrez is unbeatable? Not a chance, if this Congressman continues putting himself in the media spotlight with his offensive, anti-American rhetoric, and ignored his constituents. There is a big sea change in political views and values, and the country is getting tired of race-baiting politicians shaming American voters because they do not support illegal, unconstitutional executive amnesty.

Here are three Democratic Congressional incumbents who would qualify for "The Jim Costa". Any readers who have other names in mind, please feel free to list them below in the comment section below.

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