Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Moral Depravity of Big Green in One Tweet

L'Etat C'est Moi@letat_lechat 7 hours ago
. You want to kill oceans (thus wage earners) for ? That is, literally, garbage. is not a jobs program.
After sending out a piece about the backroom wheeling and dealing between the United Food and Commercial Workers and the Grocers Lobby, particularly Safeway, a green activist released the above tweet in response.
Notice the immediate moral attack "You want to kill. . ."

Let us just accept the obvious: the Environmentalist Movement is another interest group looking to push its way on unsuspecting citizens. The green agenda is turning into an expensive fraud and waste of time and energy. If individuals want to go green to lower their energy bills or save the planet, fine.

The Environmentalist Movement is just another agenda which seeks to get rich off of others' wealth. Big Labor and Big Business collude with Big Government under Big Green.

They have no right to take away the rights or remove the responsibilities of individual members and cities in the process.

Looking back over the tweet I had received, one has to wonder what kind of perverse animus motivates Big Green activists?
Who said anything about killing anything else?
This kind of vapid "discussion" cannot be honored with a sensible reply to the petty and base allegations.
The only one's killing the oceans are the individuals who litter with abandon.
The statewide plastic bag ban will do nothing, nothing at all, to stop littering. Guns do not kill people, but people who use guns to commit crimes, they kill people. Plastic bags do not kill the ocean. People ruin the ocean with litter.
The solution to gun violence is not gun control. The solution to pollution is not the wide dragnet of punishing all law-abiding citizens with an inconvenience tax.
Why does Big Green side with Big Labor and Big Business to tax the Little Guy and the Small Businesses?
The Right, conservatives, libertarians, and all freedom advocates must stop trying to persuade the left, but challenge vigorously with moral arguments of our own. Big Green needs a Bigger Pushpack from the Little Guy.
Big Green as Big Menace (From Zelda.wikia.org)

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