Saturday, February 28, 2015

Boxer's Distorted Remarks on DHS and Immigration

US Senator Barbara Boxer

"A baby's a baby when the baby is born."

"I thank God these people were not in charge of Congress when I was growing up or else they might have deported my mother" --   US Senator Barbara Boxer

An inconsequential senator for the lack of legislation or insight, US Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) has uttered an undue number of distorted, inappropriate, and outright offensive remarks on camera and on the US Senate floor.

From shaming a military official to call her "Senator" instead of "Ma'am", to open race-baiting against the CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce, and even disputing the viability of life within the womb, Boxer has had a reputable share of disreputable comments.

In her latest jab at Republicans, during the final hours before a potential Department of Homeland Security shutdown, Boxer pulled all the stops.

First, she had to acknowledge some dispiriting realities:

We all know Republicans won in huge numbers in the 2014 election and they took over the Senate and they run it. They run it--or at least they are trying to run it.

Yes, Ma'am, the Republican party made huge gains in Washington, taking back the US Senate and unseating five incumbent Democrats in the process, and not just in the conservative South. They also took over 70% of the state legislative seats, and command more trifectas in the country than in  nearly a century. Even when the Republicans lost a governor in Pennsylvania, Republicans expanded their numbers in the Harrisburg legislature, and the newly-elected Democrat Tom Wolf will find himself governing with incremental success and successful conservative opposition for the next two years.

Even in liberal New England, Republicans swept Maine, and Massachusetts has a Republican governor one again. Two Republican House seats and a embattled Democratic governor in Vermont have put the liberal elements in the country on the alert.

Boxer still attempted to paint the newly-elected Republican majority as incompetent, irresponsible, and ineffective. The reality remains, however, that for the first time in nearly three decades, Washington politicians are fighting about whether to fund and how much, instead of ongoing resolutions to spend money which the country simply does not have. Tea Party cohorts brokered spending cuts and a sequester, too, and despite media hounding and Democratic bewailing, the American people did not notice.

Let's be clear. Less than 8 weeks after they took over the Senate we are facing a shutdown, a shutdown of the very agency that protects the health, the safety, the lives of the American people--the Department of Homeland Security.

The Republicans have taken over, in large part from American voters fed up with Democratic policies not only ruinous for their fiscal profligacy, but also on account of the moral crisis of President Obama's unconstitutional executive actions.

For the past three weeks, as the funding for DHS was running out, Democrats deliberately blocked discussion o the bill, not even permitting amendments to the House legislation. The pandering silence of the media on Democratic complicity in government gridlock is astounding. As House Speaker John Boehner indicated to Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, the House did its job, passing  a full funding bill with necessary amendments to prevent wasteful, unconstitutional appropriations of taxpayers funds to unlawful executive actions.

As credible sources have repeated, including the Associated Press, the essential security functions tied to Homeland Security will not close up until funding renews. These operations, including border security, must continue to serve and protect even if their paychecks do not arrive on time. Boxer has memorized the same hollow narrative of blaming Congressional last-minute spending-shutdowns o Republicans, even though she and her minority caucus are fully to blame for this crisis.

We are 4 days away, and even if they come up with a continuing resolution, a small little patch, they are shutting down the programs that fund our firefighters and our first responders back home. So any way we look at it, this is a national disgrace.

No Republican is guilty of shutting down any programs. Democrats are closing the doors and the funding for our serving men and women with the ongoing filibuster. When will Boxer and her liberal cohorts start acting like responsible adults and legislate? For the record, the disgrace at the time of this speech was the harmful, unfeeling rhetoric of Senator Boxer.

The next set of remarks were deeply offensive. First, she mischaracterized the 2013 US Senate immigration bill:

We had a bill that garnered 68 votes in the last Congress.

No, just in the US Senate. The House never voted on it, and the American People resoundingly rejected the ObamaCare of immigration reform. House members were willing to work on piecemeal efforts, but found the President untrustworthy on the issues.

All they have to do is bring it up, pass it here, and then pass it in the House. It will pass with overwhelming majorities. The President will sign it, and that would make his Executive order unnecessary. The only reason he issued an Executive order is that we are facing a crisis in this country. There are 11 million undocumented folks.

There is a crisis because of the overwhelming number of illegal aliens in the country, which President Obama's actions have only made worse. President Obama was facing a crisis of his own making, and his executive order is not justified with that fact in mind.

Some of those undocumented folks are DREAMers. To me, that is the most important category.

Republicans are doing a poor job of punching back at this emotionally charged yet factually supported argument. The real Dream should be for American citizens, born and naturalized. American kids come first, not the illegal alien parents who exploited their children. Even US Senator Jeff Sessions has spent more time talking about the plight of the American worker, but what about American college students who attend colleges outside of their native state? How come they have to pay higher tuition than enrollees who do not even live in the country legally? Where's the fairness and equity in that?

They are young people who were brought here when they were children. They know no other home. All they want to do is stay here and give back to America. Republicans want to deport them and their parents. They want to deport the parents of American citizens. I thank God these people were not in charge of Congress when I was growing up or else they might have deported my mother. It took her awhile to get through her naturalization. What if they passed something such as what the Republicans are proposing?

This remark about deporting Boxer's mother is outrageous at its core, and more. The fact that Boxer's mother sought naturalization through legal means affirms that the legal framework is both necessary and proper. Inadvertently, the junior Senator from California justifies the stance of Republicans in the House and conservatives throughout the country. This petty personal appeal should not go unchallenged in subsequent Senate sessions on the floor.

Californians were thinking: "Can we deport you, Ma'am?!"

Without reading the minds of concerned conservative Californians, any half-wit could guess that a growing majority of Boxer's constituents were thinking: "If your mother had been deported, we wouldn't have to deal with your lawless folly!" or "Forget your mother. Can we deport you, Ma'am?!"

Senator Boxer's latest tired against Republicans, responsive legislative, and good, constitutional governance should not go unheeded. The majority faltered somewhat with the first round of fighting, and the House has (barely) passed a one-week funding extension. Yet in the next week, House and Senate Republicans must listen to the American People and provide a unified strategy which will put such heated, immoral baiting from liberal partisans like Boxer in their place.

American youth deserve to have their dreams come true, and the American people in general want a limited government which upholds the immigration process without releasing a floodgate of unhinged invasion. The American taxpayer should not have to witness their hard-earned dollars wasted on public benefits for illegal aliens while citizens barely get by. The security and military personnel stationed throughout the country deserve to be paid and respected, engaged and enabled to do their job without the amnesty pandering of Democratic lawmakers who make a mockery of the rule of law.

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