Sunday, February 22, 2015

Occupy Movement at ExxonMobil

I have received two reports about protests going on near the ExxonMobil refinery.

One report informed me that the United Steel Workers  and Occupy Wall Street affiliates dropped manure at the refinery.

Another report then informed me that out of town protestors are dropping protest flyers on the corner of 190th and Anza near the soon-to-be-closed Super A Foods stores.

The City of Torrance should not become an uncivil battleground for ideological radicals interested in rebellion and discord.

There is nothing wrong with protest, but there is no excuse for breaking the law, creating a public nuisance, and jeopardizing public safety and quality of life in the name of public protest.

I had heard in the past that Torrance Police Officers broke up an SEIU demonstration along 190th. This response is one of the  many reasons I am glad to live in the city of Torrance.

This is a balanced city, one in which residential, industrial, and commercial coexist.

However, unbalanced partisans have a tendency in this state to leave their homes and aggravate communities. Oakland residents have told me that most of the protests taking place in the East Bay city are tied to outside groups getting inside.

I expect that Mayor Pat Furey and the Torrance Police Department will respond to this unrest in a resolute fashion.


Unions and radical activists are in the death throes in this country, but as long as the unfettered liberalism of Sacramento, California sides with unions and radicals instead of respecting residents and taxpayers, there will be the toll of public unrest like the actions above.

I hope that the residents in this city realize that sitting back and minding one's own business in the fact of this disorderly conduct will no longer be acceptable.

Now more than ever, our industries needs support and respect, and clarity is a must. Climate change alarmists and progressive activists will look for any crisis not to go to waste, and push for drastic responses to the issues.

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