Saturday, November 23, 2013

Walker and Christian Science Monitor

In a press breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker stood out as a possible dark horse Presidential candidate for 2016, who could easily turn front-runner based on the style and substance of his gubernatorial record.

Affirming the essential integrity of staying true to the Republican Party’s stance on social issues, Walker concluded that conservatives should not shy away from their core views on abortion and gay marriage. A growing majority of Americans favor reasonable restrictions to abortion, including a mandatory ultrasound like Walker’s recent proposal. In more liberal states like Hawaii, Americans believe that the voters, not the politicians, should be deciding whether to sanction gay marriage. Walker could advance the policy of removing the government from marriage altogether and restore the institution as private association.

Walker may indeed join the profile of Presidential contenders who know what they believe and believe what they know. Walker stood up to the well-funded and widespread public sector unions, while New Jersey Governor Chris Christie supports collective bargaining, even for public employees. Walker rejected the Medicare funding offered through Obamacare, while other Republican Governors like Rick Scott of Florida accepted the subsidies. He has reasserted his opposition to amnesty while highlighting the necessary reforms of the current, broken immigration system. As a Republican governor in a liberal-leaning state, Walker’s example as a reformer who fires up the base without alienating independents should resonate with party leaders. His policy arguments are sound, and should be sounded throughout the country.

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