Thursday, November 7, 2013

24/7 Politics -- Enough!

How many times do I have to read on Breitbart or Drudge or Politico or just about anything else about the up to date this and that of every election?

People are just getting so obsessed with times and dates, and information of all sorts.

When will the insanity stop?

I admit, finally, that a lot of this political investment had to do with trying to fix a frustrating set of situations in my life.

I was not happy with the current circumstances, and if I could shape an election, if I could get someone into office whose ideas I agreed with, then at least I would have some sense of efficacy.

Perhaps other people, especially those who care about life and marriage, feel the same way.

The trends in our society are not comforting.

A lot of people, even kids, think that it's a good thing for two men or two women to be married.

The issue should not be about condemnation, but about the truth which sets people free.

Still, different polls give off very different ideas, or at least give the impression that there are different undercurrents at work.

If we do not like our circumstances, and we do not trust that God is taking care of  us, there is this ravenous tendency within us to do something about something.

This restlessness is growing stronger in our culture.

Instant media has only fed this discontent.

It's time to rest in something eternal, people!

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