Monday, November 4, 2013

Abortion Limits Unlimited

Red states have gotten redder, and their policies prove it.

More states, like North Dakota and Texas, have extended abortion limits to including requiring an ultrasound for a pregnant mother before she seeks an abortion or prohibiting abortions after twenty weeks.

The culture wars over the origins of life, the proper domain of the state to protect life, and the rights of a pregnant mother have criss-crossed once again.

What's really going on, though, to make the abortion issue front page news once again?

Red state governors want to brandish their conservative credentials, for example. Texas Governor Rick Perry has rolled out the Lone Star State welcome mat for businesses in California frustrated with the tax-and-take Democratic supermajority. He also pressed for an abortion ban after twenty weeks, except in cases where the life of the mother is endangered.

But the push for abortion bans has sprawled into other states, too, where the Governor is not actively contending for the Presidency.

Abortion limits unlimited are heading for the Supreme Court for final review. Even in poorer regions of the country abortion is a topic which unites and wealthier areas show concord on the issue, as well.

Despite the well-laid posturings of modern liberal academics, the world today has not backed away from religion, and questions of origin, but rather embraced or faced them with greater force and frenzy. Abortion reveals the hard-edged liberal mindset (It's my body, so leave me alone) against the bare need to protect life which cannot speak for itself.

Abortion as a matter of choice or life has revived the fundamental struggles of man all the more strongly. Abortion, like marriage, cannot be decided by popular vote or majority rule. Either one believes that life begins at a certain point, or it does not. Either we permit a woman to terminate a life at any time, or we do not.

Life is the right on which all other rights depend. A society which believes in allowing people to do as they please, or a society which deems itself as authorized and obligated to protect life at all stages or with as much care as possible, cannot be regulated with minute legal determinations.

The culture war in this country has not abated. Abortion is the clear signal of this ongoing conflict from within.

Life-long Democrats find that their party no longer welcomes them because of the more strident national party platform on social issues, like abortion. Republicans who are pro-choice will articulate the time limits for permitting abortion.

A majority of women support Texas' twenty week ban. Other states have offered a personhood amendment, which defines the point at which the life in a mother's woman has clear rights.

Abortion limits unlimited also reflect that need to recognize the tragedies of this life. Women who have suffered rape or incest should have a choice whether to carry the child to term. At what point should this option remain? These timetables deserve more consideration than a legal statute can accommodate.

Life begins at conception: this truth is an accomplished fact. At what point one may terminate this life, this argument has not legal limit.

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