Monday, November 18, 2013

Cole's Take on Science from the Argonaut

Professor K. C. Cole professes that science provides solace in this chaotic, seemingly uncaring world.

I could not agree more.

The argument of change as the only constant loses its fearful edge within the grand scheme of biological phenomena. Cole captured that insight very well. We are constantly changing, even in our moods and our memories. Rather than fearing what may be, we can fearlessly embrace what we may become.

Cole proffered very little regarding the origins of life. Science remains mute on this matter. While I do not believe that the universe decided to create us, nor do I believe that a chance meeting of particles exploded into a Big Bang, the natural sciences speak of a supernatural creator, one who could not have outlined this orderly universe without witnesses for an orderly concern for all of us. This statement may offend some people, yet the clear signs of the natural world cannot be so easily disputed, either.

Our desire to understand this world testifies to our willingness to look past the change, chance, and chaos of all things, with a wonder which takes us from merely wandering to wondering why, and believing furthermore that we will witness the answer.

The USC Professor's take on memory and attention respond to the factors in our environments, yet I find that they do not factor in powers within the person, the values which they adopt or adapt to, and the verities outside of our initial sense defined by our eternal sensibilities. Time itself resists definition and limitation, too.

I also appreciated Prof Cole's take on Game Theory. A true understanding of economics (as well as science) respects that a free market permits everyone to win, regardless of how much one actor or many factors have created or diminished in our circumstances.

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