Thursday, September 2, 2021

Black Lives Matter Admits that Texas Pro-Life Law Effectively Ends Abortions in Texas

 When even Black Lives Matter admits that the Texas legislation is the most pro-life law in the country, you know that you are winning.

Let the 5-4 #SCOTUS split be a reminder that not only does elections have consequences, but our democracy, rights, and freedoms are in critical condition. We must #EndTheFilibuster and #ExpandTheCourt

athur, we've said it once, and we'll say it a million times again: #ExpandTheCourt.

By a 5–4 vote, with Justice Roberts joining the liberals, the Supreme Court refused to block Texas' blatantly unconstitutional abortion ban that went into effect yesterday -- a law that bans abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy. This is basically a complete ban on abortions in Texas, as nearly 90% of girls and women in the state have had their procedures after the 6th week of pregnancy.

In her dissent, Justice Sotomayor ripped the new majority saying that the majority "barely bothers to explain its conclusion" and "rewards Texas' scheme to insulate its law from judicial review by deputizing private parties to carry out unconstitutional restrictions on the state's behalf."

Black women and Black people with uteruses already face significant barriers to obtaining quality reproductive health care. This law just makes it worse.

Black women are constantly denied resources, services, and information needed to make personal decisions regarding their health, already lack access to contraception, and as a result, experience higher rates of unintended pregnancy than women of any other racial group.

We refuse to wait around for the current far-right Supreme Court to put the people's interests first. That's why we're demanding Congress support the Judiciary Act of 2021 -- which would expand the court, totaling the number of Justices to 13.

The sooner we expand the court, the sooner we can get to work -- and the sooner we can get Justices that are actually representative of the people. Click here to use our easy call tool to speak with your Rep. and demand they pass the Judiciary Act of 2021. It only takes 2 minutes to help. >>

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Not only does this Texas law allow private citizens to sue abortion providers, but it also allows for private citizens to sue anyone else who helps a woman obtain an abortion, including those who give people a ride to a clinic or provide financial assistance in obtaining an abortion. And to make matters worse? The law makes no exceptions for pregnancies resulting from incest or rape.

Without access to contraception and reliable reproductive health care, how would Black people be able to make informed decisions about their bodies in such a short time frame?

This law is the strictest abortion ban in the nation -- and it goes against the fact that women's bodies are their own to make choices for. It's on us to do all we can to get the resources that Black people need so their reproductive rights are protected.

Our work starts with ensuring the court is made up of justices that put the people first -- that put democracy first, and that puts the freedom to our bodies first. Take a quick moment to call your Rep, and demand they support the Judiciary Act of 2021.

In love and solidarity,

Black Lives Matter


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