Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Texas Minutes Exposes RINO Governor Greg Abbott: Dog-Tethering More Important Than Protecting Children

Gov. Greg Abbott cares more about dogs than kids. Really? Where is the legislation to ban sex mutilation of minors? This is beyond outrageous!

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Legislators left town last week without putting in place real, broad-based property tax relief for Texans. That’s the topic explored in the One Click Survey. 

But first, here is today’s Texas Minute.


– Michael Quinn Sullivan 

Wednesday, September 8, 2021
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Third Special Session Starts Sept. 20

·         Gov. Greg Abbott has officially set the expected third special session of the Texas legislature to commence on Sept. 20 – with redistricting leading his agenda. Brandon Waltens has the details.

·         Rounding out the rest of the governor’s agenda: protecting girls’ K-12 sports from intrusion by gender-confused boys; appropriating federal coronavirus relief money; addressing vaccine mandates (not banning)… and restrictions on dog tethering.

·         Several conservative priorities are curiously absent. Perhaps most notable is his unaddressed (abandoned?) item from the last special session to prohibit school mask mandates.

·         And what else is missing? Based on his agenda, Greg Abbott is more interested in protecting dogs from bad tethering than he is in protecting children from being forcibly coerced into gender transitioning. He’s more concerned with how dogs are treated, than providing Texans with real property tax relief. Amazing… 

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