Monday, September 6, 2021

South High School Teacher Kelsey Redgrift: "I Am Sorry for My White Privilege!"

In my two previous posts, I exposed two teachers at West High School in Torrance, CA who are pushing BLM and LGBT indoctrination in the classroom.

Here's another teacher I heard about, this time at South High School: Kelsey Redgrift

Here is her LinkedIn page. Click here.

I received this report from another parent, and all of this took place shortly after the schools closed down due to COVID-19 outbreaks. The parent's child is in a special education classroom, and the meeting took place via Zoom. This incident took place during the height of the pandemic.

Here's the message I received from that parent:

I will transcribe the full comments below, so that they are easier to read:

I have a story to tell you. The last week my son, 15 yrs old, IEP, was on Zoom with his English teacher. I overheard someone hysterically cry. I went to my son's room and asked him what was going on. He muted the meeting and said HIS TEACHER was telling them how ashamed she was of her White Privilege. I cut that sh-t out immediately. My children are half [white]. Wtf? How dare she. I choose online schooling so I can listen in to what is being taught. She is part of the problem.

The answer to racism is not more racism. Denigrating people because of their skin color, claiming that they have undue privilege or persecution, is evil and wrong. In South Africa, the descendants of (white) settlers from the Netherlands have had to form their own civil rights organizations to fight against the systemic government discrimination which the face. As of now, the entire country has descended into a race war, with the rule of law all but abandoned, because justice is no longer blind, but sees all parties and makes judgments based on their skin color, rather than the content of their character and the culmination of their actions.

This hateful rot cannot be tolerated.

Another parent reported to me about this incident, and shared the following:

Yes, the teacher that was sobbing on a zoom class while all her students were listening in. That teacher should be terminated and locked up in an asylum.

At the very least, these "professionals" should not be around children. Teaching people to hate themselves because of their skin color is the very essence of ... racism. Teachers in the state of California are not permitted to push these hateful, heinous ideologies in their classrooms. They need to be exposed, and they need to removed from kids.

First thing: If you have any other tips about bad teachers in the classroom, please contact me:

Arthur Schaper, Organization Director, MassResistance


Cell: (781) 474-3005

Main Website:



Contact this teacher and tell her stop pushing BLM/LGBT indoctrination in the classroom.

Contact the administration at West High School, and tell them to start following up and enforcing viewpoint neutral standards on campus in the classroom. Students should be free to learn without being indoctrinated with harmful ideologies like communism, socialism, racialism, and LGBT promotion.

Contact the Torrance Unified School Board to start enacting clearcut policies to end this viewpoint discrimination and indoctination in Torrance classrooms.

Here is key contact information:

Kelsey Redgrift

Special Education Teacher

310-533-4352 ex. 7505

    The administration for South High School:

    Principal Michelle Fournier

     (310) 533-4352 x7380

    Jim Evans Assistant Principal

     (310) 533-4352 x7385


    Jonathan Kaneshiro Assistant Principal

     (310) 533-4352 x7391

    Jackie Ryan Assistant Principal

     (310) 533-4352 x7390

    Torrance Unified School Board

    Jeremy L. Gerson



    James Han



    Jasmine Park


    Betty Lieu



    Anil Muhammad


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