Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Chad "Antifa Soy Boy" Loser Goes to Court!

When it rains on evil people, it pours, as it should!

Chad "Antifa Soy Boy Loser" Loder was served papers a few weeks ago. It was a restraining order, and he had to give up his firearms on account of the harms that he was causing other people around the country, around the world! 

He even tried to get it tossed by claiming he is a journalist, and the judge rejected his motion in a previous hearing!

Yes, that's Chad Loder in black bloc outside the violent Wi Spa antifa direct action. He only recently started calling himself a journalist after realizing it could be effective while leading defamatory campaigns against his targets. The judge didn't buy it & denied his petition. https://t.co/bKzLGinkCg pic.twitter.com/b5m94G8FOM

— Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 (@MrAndyNgo) September 28, 2021

He went to the Torrance Courthouse in Los Angeles County, presumably to challenge the order, but so far, he has faced nothing but hardships and frustrations in his fight for the right to harass and harm people who want to protect their rights and secure their country.

Chad Loder is an Antifa militant, a soy boy who hides in his apartment and doxxes people, trying to get them fired or harmed, or even killed.

This man has much to answer for.

And finally he is paying a price:

Check out this video clip as he is scurrying out of the courthouse. He actually hade police escort him to his car! 

This guy wears T-shirts that say "F--k the Police," and now he depends on them to keep him safe? Really?!

Chad Loser has been playing victim for a long time, claiming that he is a journalist, and therefore he has the freedom to defame people at will. Interesting ...


No matter how much they run, they cannot hide! 

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