Sunday, January 7, 2018

Homeless in California ... Down the Street from the State Capitol?!


I could not resist making a brief video of this sight--and this plight, right in the heart of California's state capital, Sacramento California.

We have homeless Californians, on the street, making due as best as they can in spite of the growing, roaring economy benefiting all other Americans across the country.

Yet here in California, citizens can't find work, can't find a place to stay, can't even get hired.

This is beyond shameful.

Check out the rest of pristine Sacramento, CA, which is working just fine for the elected officials from around the state:

They lawmakers and bureaucrats are taking care of themselves just fine.

They also take great care of illegal aliens, welfare queens, and public sector unions. But what about middle and working class Californians? Don't their dreams matter? Don't their needs come first?

How unbelievable does it get in this state?!

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