Sunday, January 7, 2018

Doug Ose: Drop Out Before You Step In

Former Sacramento County Congressman Doug Ose is running for governor.

Or at least he has taken the steps toward doing so by opening up a campaign committee.

This is a bad idea for everyone. Ose does not have a chance. He has announced his bid so late, and already two main contenders have been fighting it out.

Why would Ose announce his interest in running just two days after John Cox and Travis Allen had their first major debate before the Redlands Tea Party Patriots?!

Pretty cynical, I think. This is a joke!

Here are a few remarks from the Sacramento Bee about this bid, starting with the storied headline:

Former Republican congressman – and big Trump backer – moves to replace Jerry Brown

Yeah, sure, Ose is a big Trump backer ... and so is Travis Allen. The Orange County assemblyman has been touting Trump's candidacy and executive successes for the last two years. I haven't heard about Doug Ose doing anything until now.

He's a moderate, and the Sacramento Bee article went out of its way to make that very clear to us, too. It's pretty clear to me that the liberal press is just interested in sowing the seeds of division to ensure two Democrats in the Top Two after June.

Republican Doug Ose, a politically moderate former congressman from the Sacramento region who last year became one of President Donald Trump’s most vociferous surrogates in California, on Friday opened a committee to run for governor.

The filing allows Ose, 62, to begin raising money for the June primary. He said he will make a formal announcement within 10 days.

I would like his formal announcement to read: "Sorry, I made a mistake. Let's ensure that one Republican gets into the Top Two."

He says he wants to restore the California Dream. OK, that's nice.

What are the main issues on his mind?

Everywhere he looks he sees uncontrolled homelessness and nagging crime. Schools are underperforming and roads and infrastructure have been allowed to fall into disrepair, not to mention the high taxes and lack of government oversight.

Nothing about illegal immigration, and yet he ran on that issue when he sought re-election to Congress four years ago.

“It’s fascinating that those in office don’t see all of the problems. You can’t help but see them. I mean, come on. Just drive through any urban area,” Ose said. “Unless you are one of these bazillionaires, California is broken.”

Bad idea, Doug.

You need to drop out before you step in.

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