Saturday, January 13, 2018

Call To Action: Ready to Get Rid of Top Two?!


Guess what! So are voters from every Party and organizations throughout the State. We need to act NOW. Help circulate petitions, send in a contribution, and urge your contacts to do the same. Get your petitions signed quickly and mail them back to me ASAP! (Note: If you are a member of an organization that meets monthly, the petitions can't wait. They need to be circulated daily, so 3 or 4 members of your organization need to volunteer to take on the tasks and work with our Stop Top 2 County Coordinators.

If you have not ordered or received Petitions to Repeal the Top Two, please contact send an email to: Include you mailing address and the number of petitions you would like. There are 5-signature blocks per petition. We recommend a minimum of 25 petitions per voter per county. The repeal needs to generate a minimum of 585,407 signatures to appear on the 2018 ballot and we have just less than 4 months. So act TODAY!.

Please volunteer to be a Stop Top 2 (ST2) County Coordinator in your county. Coordinators are needed for the following counties: Alpine Colusa Glenn Imperial Inyo Kern Kings Lassen Marin Mariposa Mendocino Merced Modoc Mono Napa Placer Plumas San Benito San Joaquin Santa Barbara Shasta Sierra Siskiyou Solano Sonoma Stanislaus Sutter Trinity Tulare Tuolumne.

A ST2 County Coordinator helps distribute petitions, collect and store signed petitions, and file all signed petitions with their county's election officials just prior to the deadline for gathering signatures (April 23, 2018). You will be working with 58 other coordinators, Chief County Coordinator, and the State Coordinator. We have a weekly conference call. Please help us by taking on this important role. It's easier than it seems because of the level of support you receive.

GREAT NEWS! MAGA has joined the Repeal of the Top Two. We will now have a presence in ALL 58 Counties!!!!!! AND MAGA has access to 40,000 members.

WE THE PEOPLE need money from everyone involved. Please contribute when you order petitions. Please consider the amount of work that has been done on very little money and what needs to be done. Make a check out or go online to contribute at: Do it today! No amount is too small! $$$$$$$

Please forward this message to your list of contacts and add it to your social media.

Refer voters to the website:

To order petitions, send an email with your mailing address and phone number to: When you have received signed petitions back, send them to the ST2 County Coordinator for the county listed on the petition or send them to me at the address below. WE NEED SIGNATURES FAST! (A 2-signature petition can be downloaded from the website:

NOTE: Only sign a petition for your County once. If you want to circulate petitions for another county, make sure only registered voters in that county sign that petition. Send those petitions to the appropriate ST2 County Coordinator of to me at the address indicated below.

Thank you.

Tom Palzer
Chairman & State Coordinator
Foundation to Stop Top 2 LLC
Committee to Repeal the Top Two

P.O. Box 2413
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729
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