Wednesday, April 9, 2014

National Journal Asks Reid: Koch Greater Threat than Putin?

With all the talk about Koch Addiction as an attempted foil to Republican chances (gaining) to take back the US Senate, National  Journal has reported that the Democratic Party is obsessed with the Koch Brothers, using two interesting charts which combine the total amount of time they spending talking about the two Kansas-based oil magnates.

The National Journal, for all its liberal proclivities, cannot help but remark:

It's all part of Reid and the Democrats' calculated efforts to summon a suitable villain in 2014. Reid believes that the Kochs, the financiers at the center of a nationwide GOP network that is spending millions of dollars on campaign ads against Democrats, are the perfect foil.

But then:

The volume of the Democrats' Koch brothers messaging is cranked so high that its rise rivals congressional mentions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, even amid the incursion into Crimea and the international standoff over Ukraine. In fact, so far in April, Sunlight's data show that "Koch brothers" has been said more than "Vladimir Putin."

So, Harry Reid thinks that the Koch Brothers are a greater threat to freedom and Democracy than Vladmir Putin, who just invaded Crimea and is poised to take over eastern portions of Ukraine next? Not just  a GOP shellacking in 2014, but Nevada residents might want to recall their senior US Senator, who is more interested in empty smears than dedicated constituent representation.

How can anyone be so blinded by partisan ambition that they view oil magnates in Kansas as a growing threat compared to Russian "president" (in fact dictator) who silences dissent in his own country while steam-rolling over the sovereignty of neighboring countries.

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