Saturday, April 26, 2014

Boehner Asks About Jobs (Stop Talking About Amnesty!)

Stop whining, forget amnesty
focus on economic growth
Speaker John Boehner's latest address lashes out at the President because of the lack of job growth in the country.

Good morning. I’m speaking to you from the Hartzell Propeller plant here in Piqua, Ohio. This is about 25 miles north of Dayton, Ohio, the birthplace of aviation. Hartzell has come a long way since working with Orville Wright himself. They now maintain 75 percent of the world’s market in propellers. And while they have big plans, Hartzell is like any small business facing an uncertain future. What I heard here – and what I hear everywhere I go – is that we need to get the federal government out of the way. Having run a small business myself, I see where these folks are coming from.   

Boehner worked his way up from poverty to prosperity to Congress.

Why does he want to make t harder for average Americans to do the same by pushing immigration reform at this time?
 I know why Americans are still asking the question ‘where are the jobs?’ For the last five years, we’ve had an administration in Washington that acts as if everything can be done from the top down. From the ‘stimulus’ to ObamaCare, it’s a record littered with promises that never panned out. And pain for people trying to get by and meet a payroll. Republicans, we’ve kept our pledge, we’ve offered a new way forward. Our majority in the House has made your priorities our priorities. And every week, we're focused on passing initiatives that would make it easier to find jobs and create jobs at places just like this.
President Obama has instigated a partial-amnesty by executive order (rather, by executive neglect). Because of the President's lack of integrity to uphold the Constitution, let alone uphold the rule of law even for his own legislation, Congress has no reason to work with this president on comprehensive immigration reform, or any other matter.

The question "where are the jobs" will become a frequent query if amnesty ensues, granting eleven million illegal immigrants automatic citizenship. Despite the fact that this country cannot expel eleven million people, enforcement of the current law (including e-verify), plus an established, adequately staffed border contingency, along with comprehensive welfare reform will bring this fraught immigration debate to a close.

Why won't Boehner talk about getting the government out of the way of the naturalization process, too?

 We’re ready to improve job training programs so workers can acquire the right skills; expand production of American-made energy to lower costs; open new markets for small manufacturers; and repeal and replace ObamaCare. The president said he wanted this to be a year of bipartisan action. Well, it still can be. We just need to get his party’s leaders in the Senate to take up our jobs bills. While Republicans may be the minority party in Washington, with your help, we've made some headway. We’ve banned earmarks and, for the first time since the Korean War, we’ve cut total federal spending for two years running. We’ve protected 99 percent of Americans from permanent tax increases. We’ve taken the politics out of student loans, making it easier to pay for college. And we’ve passed three free trade agreements that are already paying big dividends for our economy. 

Instead of pressing the country on immigration reform, he should talk up these successes, instigated and initiated by conservatives in Congress, not by liberal, Democratic lawmakers.

 So imagine what we could do if the powers-that-be in Washington changed course. Imagine if they stopped treating our economy like a second language and started putting jobs first. Just ask the people here at Hartzell. Last week, I spotted one of their propellers on a military plane over in Afghanistan. I can’t tell you how proud I was of every worker here in Miami County. And how honored I am to be their voice in Washington. Talking with the people here, I realize we are walking towards a great opportunity. Instead of slogging on and settling, we can take the path of freedom and prosperity. It leads to an America where we, the people – not the government – shape our destiny. An America where honesty and initiative are cherished. An America of pride and purpose. I ask you to join us in this pursuit, and I thank you for listening.

The Speaker wants the powers-that-be to change course and focus on policies to increase job growth. However, yesterday Boehner was mocking his Congressional colleagues because they refused to pass immigration reform.

Boehner needs to change course, or rather stay the course with the conservative colleagues whom he had made fun of, and focus on Americans working, not granting a blanket amnesty to illegal immigrants at the expense of the safety and security of citizens born and naturalized.

How can Boehner blast the President for an anemic economic recovery, yet at the same time he insists on pushing amnesty?

Granting automatic citizenship, or even a pathway to citizenship, will create more workers looking for fewer jobs.

Does the Speaker listen to himself while he is speaking?

Or is he convinced that conservatives are not paying attention?

They are now, and Boehner, if he wants to retain any "power-that-be" needs to give up on amnesty and focus on keeping Big Government at bay.

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