Monday, April 28, 2014

Buying Torrance: What About Alex See?

Looking into Tim Goodrich's campaign donations caused me to wonder:
Torrance Small Businessman
Alex See

To what extent do local candidates take donations from corporations, unions, or individuals?

I looked into another candidate's campaign disclosures: engineer and restaurant owner Alex See.

I am more interested in supporting local business owners because they understand the negative impact of big government better than the average resident, especially when it comes to investing in commerce and increase city revenues.

See's campaign disclosures were distinctly different from Goodrich's.

Granted, he also received a donation from Al Muratsuchi's campaign. Alex had shared with me that he is personal friends of the Assemblyman. On a side note, Republican National Committeeman Shawn Steel is good friends with State senator Ted Lieu. They completely disagree on most issues, yet they retain an amicable friendship.

May the tribe of such friendly foes increase.

Investigating further into Alex's campaign report, I noticed that the vast majority of his donations come from individuals. Administrative assistants, accountants, and local businessmen have contributed to his campaign.

Shouldn't our locally elected leaders be responding to the interests of local people?

I noticed contributions from individuals living in other parts of LA County, as well, which is not necessarily a bad thing, either.

I further recognized that See is not receiving any union or corporate money. Besides individual CEO, including self-employed Heidi Ashcraft, See is relying on individual donations to run for city council.

That record commands more respect with me. I do not trust candidates who are taking large donations from unions. They take the money from employees without their consent and spend them on candidates and causes which the members do not consent to, either.

If Alex See is willing to listen to individuals and has commanded enough of their attention to receive donations from them, then he may have a stronger base of support, a better position to represent the city of Torrance.


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