Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Extreme Democratic Party of No!

In addition to Canada Free Press, I blog on conservative issues locally. After commenting on the crass editorializing against one Republican candidate, one detractor repeated these hollow, liberal talking points:
The Extreme
Democratic Party of "No!"
The Republican Party is extremely unpopular. . .due to its reputation nationally as extreme and aimed at the fringe. The GOP is pro-dirty energy, pro-1%, anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-diversity, anti, anti, anti. Carr is merely avoiding to state his actual party in his ads in an effort to sell himself, not his highly unpopular party. That's just a fact, not an example of "media bias".
I could not resist taking down these outright, outrageous frauds with one damning set of evidence after another. Please enjoy, readers, and recognize that it is not the Republican Party, but the “anti”-Democratic Party which is the Party of “No!”
The Republican Party is extremely unpopular . . . due to its reputation nationally as extreme and aimed at the fringe.
At which National Party convention did members boo God and Jerusalem as the recognized capital of Israel? Congressional members of which party pushed Obama-don't-care on this country? Who has rallied around a President whose administration has supervised (instigated) one scandal after another? Who decided that the President can unilaterally ignore the Constitution and its own laws while borrowing trillions of dollars every year from the future? The Extreme Democratic Party.
The GOP is pro-dirty energy.
 There is nothing dirtier than green subsidies which bankroll political supporters, taking in their bankrupted wake billions of taxpayer dollars. Solyndra, anyone?
Apparently, you did not read about the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club, which forced a $100-200k campaign minimum to even compete for an endorsement, let alone receive one. Henry Waxman was throwing $5,000  a plate fundraisers in Beverly Hills. 90210 money played into his influence to block the Subway to the Sea (and ignore LA area veterans for decades, I imagine) Of the top ten wealthiest Congressional districts in the country (including the 33rd), nine are currently represented by Democratic politicians. The 33rd might change this year, though.
Let's talk about Dem Mayor filthy Bob Filner, who resigned in disgrace from San Diego. Where were the Dems to call for his resignation right away? Nothing! Let's talk about President “Slick Willy” Bill Clinton and his numerous paramours (plus rape/sexual assault allegations). How about Weiner's Weiner? How about Gary Studs and his under-age page? How about Charlie Rangel’s insensitive remarks toward women (as well as paying his taxes?!) Do not forget liberal Liz Champlain and Sofie Richards calling mother-of-five, former mayor-governor Sarah Palin “a whore” just because of. . .what exactly? Michigan Congressman Gary Peters slammed his Republican opponent with the “War on Woman” garbage, and Terri Lynn Land (a woman) landed on that folly, and she is currently polling ahead to.
Let us not forget US Senator Ted “Chappaquidick” Kennedy who left a woman to die in car floating in a river. How many love-children has “The Reverend” Jesse Jackson had, and the woman have refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement?
California State representative Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) commented about his vote on a bill: "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.”  Anti-gay rhetoric playing up the effeminate stereotype of homosexual men. And how about the slew of homophobic slurs from ultra-liberal Alec Baldwin, plus the negative consequences of gay activists’ fascist agenda against CEOs and businesses who believe that marriage is between one man and one woman?
File:Susana Martinez.jpg
Susana Martinez
The first African-American US Senators, both appointed as well as popularly elected, where Republicans. First Hispanic female governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez -- GOP. Hispanic Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval – GOP Bush ’43 Administration: two African-American secretaries of state: Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice. Let's not forget Bush 41' appointed Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, who faced a "hi-tech lynching" most likely because he was a conservative jurist. How about Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, Kelly Ayotte: Hispanic, African-American, female GOP US Senators.  First Chinese-American US Senator, Hiram Fong: Republican. Mayor or Cranston, Rhode Island and running for Governor Allan Fung: Republican. Mayor of Gardena, California and running for LA Sheriff, Paul Tanaka: Republican.
Hiram Fong
Need I continue?
anti, anti, anti.”
The true party of “No!” is  the Democratic Party.
No, you cannot keep your insurance, even if you like it. No, you cannot choose the school that your children can enroll in, because Dem-donor teachers unions won’t allow it. No, you cannot choose whether you can join a union or not in order to get a job. No, you cannot choose the best job for your future, because Dems support high taxes on businesses and wealth creators as well as investors. Pay fair share? Today, Democrats support a race-to-bottom equality of poverty where a dedicated, connected (Democratic-George Soros) political elite stays rich (enriching themselves at everyone else’s expense.
 No, you cannot have cheaper gasoline because the Green Lobby will not allow Keystone to be built.
No, you cannot seek tax-exemption status from the IRS because of your political views. No, you cannot enjoy a stable foreign policy which strengthens allies and scares enemies.
Next time anyone wants to play the liberal loony litany of “Republican Party of No!”! self-parody laugh-track, share the above.


  1. So people mock your idiotic blog posts in 2 countries?

    1. Do idiots mock my posts? Yes. Thanks for asking.

    2. Poor Artie. So thin-skinned and defenseless. Scrambling for comebacks without a shred of wit must be tough on a clueless putz like you, eh, buddy?

  2. Artie, you spew more bullshit in a few nonsensical paragraphs than a deadbeat rancher's herd does squatting on Federal land! But the funniest one may be your comparison of the GOP's decades-long filthy energy policies with---wait for it---the stale, musty fake "scandal" of--of---of----of--- Solyndra!!!!! You stupid fucker--the DOE loan program that funded Solyndra was actually started by President Bush in 2005! Yes, Artie, your beloved, so-far-over-his-head-he-had-to-stand-on-his-tippy-toes Dubya! It was intended to provide government support for "innovative technologies." It might have been one of his only semi-good ideas! BTW, jackass, the Energy Department’s loan-guarantee program, enacted in 2005 (with bipartisan support) has backed nearly $38 billion in loans for 40 projects around the country. Solyndra represents just 1.3 percent of that portfolio — and it’s the only loan that has soured.
    SOLYNDRA!!!!!! Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!

    Oh, Arthur, you are hilarious! Don't ever change!

  3. Last I checked, Alec baldwin was an actor, not a politician running for office. The ex-San Diego mayor? Um, so? That's cherry-picked, anecdotal evidence, not party policy. Politicians raising money from rich constituents? Again, so? As long as the policies they espouse when in office don't favor the rich, it's a non-issue. The idea that you defend the Republican Party's anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-minority track record is laughable, even for you. Ted Kennedy? Are you idiots still whining about a dead senator's misadventure some 45 years later? And Sarah Palin is a media whore, pure and simple, although I don't know Liza or Sofie.
    I just wasted 3 minutes of my life on this incredibly stupid blog. Won't let that happen again. You can't write and the content is total bullshit.