Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Democrats Getting High on Koch

Speaking of the Koch Bros (or, as you spell it here, "Kock"--must be Freudian, eh, Artie?), here's some stunning hypocrisy from America's sleaziest billionaire bros:

Yes, indeed, speaking of the Koch Brothers and hypocrisy: they funded Democratic candidates, and what thanks do they get? "The Koch Brothers are un-American."


All this talk about Koch-envy and Koch appeal, which is all quite entertaining, since the reproach of foolish comments means more glory for the victors!

File:Mark Pryor, head and shoulders photo portrait with flag, 2006.jpg
Embattled Dem US Senator Mark Pryor
Koched Out
Take a look at this very revealing list of Koch donors.

US Senator Mark Pryor (D-Arkansas), from the Arkansas Times:

Former Arkansas journalist Paul Barton, writing for Gannett newspapers in Washington, has contributed a story to the Baxter Bulletin about a rare Democrat — U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor — enjoying financial support from the billionaire Koch brothers' interests.

and then

The Koch brothers, the Kansas industrialists known for lending their financial support to Tea Party Republicans, have given more campaign dollars recently to Democratic Sen. David Pryor than any other member of the Arkansas congressional delegation.

In fact, one would be hard-pressed to find a Democrat nationwide who receives more support from Koch Industries than the $35,000 that employees of the firm and its political action committee, Koch PAC, have given to Pryor since 2007.

Where's the outrage, Senator Reid? Why haven't you called out your colleague  Mark Pryor, who has been Koched out?

Reid's hypocrisy, sadly, goes deeper than ignoring his colleagues' dependency. Of course, such blasted blather has gotten Senator Harry Reid in quite a lather -- check out his latest tweet making the Koch Brothers the one enemy that the Dems try to rally around:

Senator Harry ReidVerified account@SenatorReid Apr 7
Many Republican senators might as well wear Koch insignias to denote their sponsorship.

Most of the response tweets want to know where Reid get his money.

Could it be true that Reid got Koch money once?

Point of fact, and point of order, YES! From a lobbyist working for Koch industries, specifically:

koch reid
(Source: OpenSecrets,

File:Harry Reid official portrait 2009.jpg
Reid Smiles: He's On Koch
Reid calls the Koch Brothers un-American, but took their money at one time. Well.

And there's another Senate Dem leader who was sniffing Koch when no one was looking: Chuck Schumer.

Here's a letter from the New York senior senator, the guy with a bridge in Brooklyn he'd like to sell, whatever it takes to get anyone to donate or vote Dem in this terrible year getting worse for Obama-Reid-Pelosi. Addiction will take people to desperate, dire straits. Intervention!
I need some Koch
Let Me Sell You this Bridge. . .


Now, when someone is suffering from a mind-altering addiction, the first thing that the addicted person will do is deny then project the perversion onto someone else.

These Dems need an intervention. They need to admit that they are powerless over Koch, and it is making their life unmanageable. Perhaps their higher power, Big Government and their guru Barack Obama can restore them to sanity.

Then again, as we all know, like alcoholism, this pattern of lying and deceit billowing out of the US Senate's Democratic Majority is not a disease, nor a character defect, but rather a dedicated and desperate attempt to play down their five-six years of record failure, from Obamacare to foreign policy flaps, to these dessicated attacks on free speech. This un-America tyranny, now exposed as a rank hypocrisy, must end.

Oh, by the way, Democrats, most Americans have not even heard of the Koch Brothers. They are not addicted, like you!

Maybe Reid-Pryor-Schumer need to find a sponsor and work a program. Malibu is a great place to recover (or at least, get famous while trying to, a la Lindsey Lohan!)


  1. Poor Art the Fart---scrambling like a mouse in a maze in an attempt to (failingly) refute his party's addiction to their Koch Overlords. Fucking hilarious! (BTW, Artie, Mark Pryor? If you actually knew what the fuck you were were talking about, you'd know that Pryor is and has been persona non grata with Dems for years. Nice try---but you'd better try again, Sonny Boy.)

  2. Looks like Mr. Schaper's been poking around PatriotNetDaily again.

  3. Here's more:

    Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia):

    "People want jobs. They're [The Koch Brothers]Americans. paying taxes, not breaking the law, creating jobs."

    If GOP wins Senate in 2014, Manchin may flip and join the GOP.

    Liberal-Independent Angus King (Maine, who voted for Bush in 2000) has discussed the same thing.

  4. The Koch brothers, now under a lot more public scrutiny thanks to Harry Reid, have had a rough time of it recently. They've spent millions and millions so far to try to buy the U.S. Senate, and are tanking in that effort, with the Democrats they're attacking doing just fine in the polls, thanks very much. They had another raft of Americans for Prosperity ads debunked this week.
    They were universally reviled for using a picture of President Obama and Mark Udall at a press conference responding to the mass shooting at Aurora in one of those ads. After being condemned by families of the victims, the AFP was forced to remove that image from the ad. But they didn't go so far as to apologize for being heartless bastards.

    “Fortunately we can and will change the image. Senator Udall can’t change his record that led to over 335,000 Coloradans receiving letters indicating that their health care policy had been canceled,” said AFP Colorado’s executive director, Dustin Zvonek.
    Nice. But the very best part of the Koch's bad week is, of course, welfare rancher Cliven Bundy.
    A tweet sent by AFP Nevada on April 10 urging followers to read more about the #BundyBattle, which involves Bundy's refusal to pay fines for allowing his cattle to graze on public land, has been deleted. A Facebook graphic that the group posted criticizing the Bureau of Land Management for enforcing grazing laws against Bundy has similarly disappeared.
    Previously, the page read: "The BLM spent HOW MUCH to round up cattle? ONE MILLION DOLLARS." As of Friday afternoon, it reads: "This content is currently unavailable."

    The Kochs have spent HOW MUCH to buy the Senate? THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS, and counting. And this is what it's got them so far. I like this track record.