Thursday, April 10, 2014

NPR: Dems Obsessed with Koch

Now National Public Radio is worried  about the Democratic Party's Koch Addiction.

"Why The Democrats' Koch Brothers Fixation?"

Fixation? Addiction! (or Affixion?)

I'm afraid so, and this addiction may prove fatal. . .for the Democrats.

The media played easy lapdog for the Obama Administration for the past five years. When the Department of Justice unjustly seizes AP reporters' phone records, when President Obama and his attending executive staff choose to deny Public Information Requests, when the President who promised the most transparent administration in history, only to carry on a Nixonian enemies list against the press, at least finally liberal media mouthpieces like NPR are noticing and will not neglect to report that the Democratic Party is addicted to Koch.

Where do we begin?

Another day, another wave of Democratic attacks on the Koch brothers and their Republican allies.

Even the hypersensitized, insta-media is getting tired of the Dem-Koch tirade.

Sen. Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader, took to the Senate floor Monday to bash the Koch brothers and the GOP, as has become his habit in recent weeks.

Democrats Addicted to Koch Brothers
"Has become a habit", and what do we call a destructive habit which takes up more and more of the users time?

Why do Democrats seem to be so fixated on the Koch brothers? First, the Koch brothers are arguably good for fundraising. Dave Weigel of Salon reported that Democratic email pitches that mentioned the Koch brothers generated more donations than those that didn't.

Gotta get some more bread to score some more Koch, right? The Koch Brothers are a convenient target: old white men who make a lot of money. President Obama and left-leaning interest groups don't like white people, I guess, and they definitely do not like people making money, unless  you are a union or a leftist sponsor like George Soros, or a Big Government advocate like Bill Gates (i.e. Common Core)

But how has Koch-o-phobia worked out as a money maker? RNC took in $25 million the first quarter. Dems? The DNC had campaign debt in 2013, and even the Huffington Post had to conceded that the Democratic Party is saddled with debt with comparably less cash on hand.

Besides, even if the Koch Brothers serve as the best goad for "Get out the Money" DNC drives, they have not been very effective:

But Democrats said it wasn't really about the Kochs being good for Democratic fundraising pitches (though there's nothing wrong with that). The additional amounts raised are trivial compared with the estimated $30 million AFP has already spent, they said.

What else did NPR have to report about the Dems Koch addiction?:

Instead, it's about defining Republican opponents of Democratic Senate candidates as essentially being stalking horses for the billionaire brothers.

I wonder how long that conspiracy theory will last? Let's talk about George Soros, Organizing for Action (and America, also in debt), or Bill Gates, or the national labor unions, which do not ask for money, but take employee donations by force.

The Koch Brothers do not break the Top Fifty list of Big Money Donors, including 18 unions. If liberals are so angry about Big Money in politics, then they should be demonizing Big Labor.

At least we should give NRP some credit. They not only called out the brazen, cynical scheme of the DNC, but records the Republican response:

"The signs are that Harry Reid is on the verge of losing his mind now that he's on the verge of losing his majority," said Brad Dayspring, a spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

"And American Bridge, it's quite something to see them attacking special interest money when George Soros funds their entire operation," Dayspring said. "Their attacks are laughable; they have to motivate their base in a year when they seem primed to sustain major electoral losses."

Dayspring had the last laugh in the NPR article, too!

Perhaps the liberal media bias is starting to cost the press in this country so much, that now they will no longer look away at a runaway progressive Presidency which has spent more time silencing dissent. Why have a press if Freedom of Speech means nothing? It is amazing to me that the Mainstream Media were willing to go out of their way for this President, and how has Obama repaid the press? By refusing public information requests; allowing the Department if Justice to seizing the phone records of AP reporters. The administration even considered giving the FCC more discretion in monitoring (or was it mere tallying?) the content of national broadcast television.

Finally, someone is calling out the Democrat-Koched-Out propaganda scapegoating scheme.

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