Friday, April 25, 2014

Bounce Boehner, Period!

Boehner mocked his colleagues.
His Speakership is a mockery
Since the fiscal cliff deal, I have been tolerant of  Spekaer John Boehner, usually.

I understand the need to play tactical offense, little wins here and there, because the Republican Party simply cannot govern from the House alone.

He did go along with the Government shutdown, but then he went about-face and blamed everything on the Republicans.

"It was our fault" he declared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

US Senator Ted Cruz stood on the floor for twenty-two hours to protest a vote for cloture over Obamacare. If all forty-ix senators at that time had stood their ground, the Democratic Party would have caved.

The lack of courage, the lack of coordination, is a big problem among Washington Republicans. Governance cannot be about compromise at this point, especially with the federal government borrowing $.46 of every dollar spent.

This lack of coordination falls on the leadership, particularly in the House of Representatives.

The issue especially falls on Boehner because the American People are concerned about the rising costs of health care, the jobless recovery which has stagnated millions who have been out of work for months, if not years. Americans are also concerned about the surveillance state snooping in on their phone calls or reading their emails and following their Google searches.

But what is Boehner focusing on? Immigration reform.

The reason? Likely because Boehner is looking forward to a lobbyist appointment with a Chamber of Commerce firm. Nothing succeeds in Washington for a long-time politician like a lengthy tenure, followed by an extensive life and career as a lobbyist.

Nothing about balanced budgets, entitlement reform, or push-back against the arrogant, executive imperialism of President Obama. Boehner wants to pass immigration reform.

About the spending spree: the waste of money is immoral, not just unsustainable. What right do Americans today, and their leaders particulary, to the future's potential prosperity? As George Will commented, the federal government is now borrowing from the future, and the young people are left to pay for Mom and Dad's decadent (D)emocratic demands.

Obama won reelection, so he gets another four years to do a bad job, but at least Republicans in the House and Senate can delay the damage or minimize the negative impacts of the President's policies. Immigration reform will not do this.

Still, in spite of the country's frustration with an out-of-control Presidency, Speaker Boehner slammed his colleagues, not exclusively Republicans, about the stalling on immigration legislation:

"The appetite amongst my colleagues for doing this is not real's the attitude: 'Ohhhhh, don't make me do this! Ohhhhhh, this is too hard!' You should hear them. You know, we get elected to make choices."
They won't pass immigration reform!

Legislators  get elected to make choices, and  they are expected to make wise choices.

Boehner has chosen not to do so. He acknowledged that a camera was recording him in a Madison Township meeting in Ohio. He insisted on shaming his legislative fellows for stalling on legislation which the American People do not want passed.

Since Boehner refuses to lead, blames his caucus for their attempts to rein in spending and hold the Democrats in Washington and throughout the country accountable, the Republicans in Washington and throughout the United States should demand his resignation as soon as possible.

If Republicans win more seats in the House as well as take back the US Senate, the groundswell to get rid of Boehner will be strong enough that the Speaker will resign without any fanfare, very likely within weeks after the November elections.

Boehner is not leading. He shames his colleagues. He focuses on unimportant matters which will hurt this country rather than help, all while doing all too little to hold the President and His US Senate caucus accountable/ It's time to bounce Boehner, period!

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