Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Warming Up" Luke-Warm at Best

The earth is getting hotter. Global warming is a reality, it's our fault, and we should feel bad about it.

At least that's what Beach Reporter editor Paul Silva claims.

He enumerates three reasons why he believes that global warming is a reality:

1. Louie, Paul's Labrador Retriever, refused to run and chase a tennis ball after ten minutes following last week's heat wave in the South Bay.

We have had heat waves before in this region, and they were nothing to get burned up about. I went to the mall, like many people do when it gets hot out there. I even met an old college friend of mine. If there is global warming, at least it's working for me.

2. For the first time every, Paul had to wear flip-flops to the beach. I agree that someone who is used to the sand does not normally have to wear coverings for the soles of his feet. Frankly, just because a man's toes get a little "tenderized" does not signal in itself that the entire world is getting hotter. Perhaps the sand is heated up, or "het up" rather because Malibu has descended upon the Manhattan Beach Coastline, demanding more sand for its own eroding shores. The sand is rebelling against their forced transfer, perhaps. . .

3. His wife went to the ocean five times in one week, when normally she would only go in the water one time over the entire summer. Rather than complain about the weather, I think that he should be happy that the weather has brought his wife and him closer together.

Regarding "The National Geographic" survey, a magazine coupled with flashy pictures of exotic climes hardly withstands the scrutiny of the scientific community. Nor is guilt a meaningful indicator about the effects that human beings have on our atmosphere and the "supposed" rising temperature of the world.

I choose to feel the warmth rather than feel guilt or fret about a sleuth of bears potentially roaming the Beach Cities in the near future,

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