Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NO to "NO to Prop 32"

The double-dealing about local unions’ hype about Proposition 32 is the biggest fraud I have read in a long time in Random Lengths News.

“Prop. 32 would severely restrict the right of union members to contribute money to support candidates and issues that benefit working people.”

I was a “member” of the United Teachers of Los Angeles – oh, wait a second. . .Before joining the union, I noticed that a portion of paycheck was taken away by UTLA – without my permission. I had not even joined the union, yet the Union leaders were already helping themselves to a portion of my paycheck.

In no way was I “contributing” to the union thuggocracy. As a first-year teacher, I received no support or representation on behalf of my union, apart from witnessing then UTLA chief AJ Duffy yell at the school board every week. Still I had more than forty kids in every class. Still I was facing off against unqualified counselors and department heads who had no interest in helping out a new teacher like me. Still I had no protection from lying students and harassing parents who knew that they could manipulate staff who had no job protection.

I neglected to mention that UTLA dumped money on political candidates and causes which I did not support, and still do not, in large part because these interests demand raises, kick-backs, and  benefits from the state, which voters, or employees, like me have to pay for. So much for  “benefitting working people.”

Also far as representing the needs of “working people” is concerned, I notice that Sacramento is not working for the people at all , refusing to pass a budget without accounting gimmicks, rosy projections which wilt under the heat of economic realities, or projected tax increases which will hurt everyone: consumers, job creators, rich  and poor.

I support Prop. 32 and Citizens United, and as a citizen of these United States and the Golden State of California, I want an end to union interests pilfering my paycheck to pull strings to pilfer state coffers again and again.

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