Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Coalition Coming Apart at the Seams"

British Primer Minister David Camerom forged an unlikely alliance with Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats.

Unevenly yoked perhaps would well characterize this partnership, in large because Cameron's mandate to cut spending and implement necessary reforms to the National Health Service and the public university system has hurt the same constituencies which gave the Liberal Democrats a greater share of representation in the government.

"The trouble is that the economy refuse to behave and respond as they want"

The faulty premise that the government can revive and retain markets is the very crisis of truth which has caused so much of the economic calamities in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. Cameron's austerity measures were the envy of the developed world. Now it appears that Cameron's love for power, as Mr. John Polley has pointed out, will cause more problems for his coalition and the country.

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