Sunday, August 19, 2012

DREAM Act-Lite Creates a Logjam

The DREAM Act-Lite executive order was a constitutional nightmare when Obama issued it.
Now it has become a bureaucratic nightmare. The crush of young people now seeking asylum in this country has positioned some states to offer driver's licenses and social security numbers to illegal immigrants. Why should law-abiding citizens, both those born and those naturalized in this country, have to pay for the overt criminality of others?

President Obama's cynical and self-serving action is a slap in the face to every person who immigrated to this country legally. They obeyed the law. They paid the necessary fees. They also learned the American heritage and the English language. Why should they be punished?

I am ashamed of President Obama for using Hispanic nationals as pawns to secure his reelection. Even though they were brought into this country as children by parents who knew the law, but chose to ignore it, we are not doing their children a service by implying that the rule of law means nothing in this country.

A growing number of Hispanics are aware that President Obama's order is tantamount to lawlessness. President Obama has enacted an extra-legal executive order, bypassing Congress, which had already rejected the DREAM ACT . I believe that this crass political move will hurt Obama and will hasten his departure from office.

I am also optimistic that the resulting bureaucratic nightmare will teach the two million youth seeking  protection  from deportation about the downside of political pandering: the politician secures more votes for reelection, and those who intended to benefit feel no more secure, for the next president will very like rescind the executive order which offered them a provisional amnesty.

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