Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Occupy LA -- The TAB


Free Market advocates from David Hume to Ludwig von Mises have pointed out that the mystical "1%" cannot subject the remaining "99%" by force. Only a belief in such power differentials allows the arbitrary hierarchy to last.

Politicians who wish to advance the scope of their state, and thus their own power, play off such arrogant ignorance, and as a result they arrogate more power to themselves as the voters, the masses, and the media abrogate their sense and responsibility for a sop from the state.

When the more perfect Union of the United States was established, the notion of a natural nobility gave way to the natural rights which every person has from the Creator, however a man may choose to express his appreciation for the Divine. Only when a forfeits his freedom for favors does his own power give way to the rise of the "1%".

For nearly fifty years, the State has replaced the Creator, and instead of rights, man seeks riches taken from one class and given to them by the same people whom they elect into office. For a long time, the state has now played God, the "little c" create of a growing underclass which entitles themselves "the 99%".

Except now even the state must beg for a handout, or rather with a fist demands a greater contribution from those who have the money.

The aftermath of Occupy LA-- politicians please themselves, expand their power, and the same "9%" whom they claimed to represent hurt themselves even more.

After months of illegal loitering and littering in Downtown Los Angeles, private enterprise took a hit from which it has never recovered, and the taxpaying members of the 99% will pick up the tab.

I have this to say to all of those who do not like the current system:

"No one can make you feel like the 99% without your permission."

"If you are "the 99%", you are there by choice." -- and only you should have to pay for it.

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