Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Christie's Key Note Before the Keynote Speech

I could not get enough of New Jersey Governor Christie’s Keynote Speech at the GOP National Convention this past week.

However, Christie’s comments about the tarnished mess in California also got my attention. I was hopping mad about the current fiscal straits in my home state, then hoping again that just as the Garden Shine is seeing some green again, that indeed the Golden State may shine once more – with real leadership that will tell the voters the truth.

“Jerry Brown is an old retread”, Christie shared with the California GOP delegation before his Keynote speech.

Jerry Brown won the New Jersey Presidential Primary in 1976: a telling case for how out-of-touch the illiberal liberal Governor “Moonbeam” was and always will be. Bill Clinton hammered Brown for wanting to undo Prop 13, the only safeguard protecting California voters for the rapacious state legislature.

Governor Brown even had the audacity to scold Governor Christie:  “Stop telling people I’m trying to raise their taxes.”  Despite offering the voters a choice, Brown has millions to support tax increases that will hurt businesses. While supporting tax hikes on consumers, Brown refuses to stand up to the public sector unions who bleed California dry yet still demand more.

 “New Jersey, you’re stuck with me,” Governor Christie has shared on more than one occasion.

Instead of a failed seminarian, now a bald, tired Sacramento hold-over who eschews leadership, I would rather be stuck with a federal prosecutor who tells the truth and gets the job done.

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