Saturday, August 18, 2012

Unsightly Untruths About Bill Bloomfield

I have read the following comments from the Patch Network about Mr. Bloomfield:
"Though Bill Bloomberg would like to pass himself off as an Independent, he is a foxy Rebublican disguised in sheep's clothing." (That's Bloomfield, not Bloomberg -- was the critic attacking the mayor of New York?)
Waxman may be a bit of a Jack-ass - and I can't say that I support(ed) the Malibu Lagoon project (or the boondoggle being proposed for Ballona - turning a fresh water marsh into a salt water marsh) - but I don't buy that guy- (Bloomfield)'s line either. "No labels" seems like a smart move for an arch-Conservative trying to run in California, much less anywhere in the SM Bay region.

Bloomfield has received the endorsement of a maverick (McCain) and a moderate (Riordan) -- nothing "arch-conservative" about that mix. Waxman is still very much a beast of burden for the voters and the nation who want jobs and a recovering economy, not job-killing regulations that will bury our economy into stagnation.

"So what then? Two more years of Jobs, Jobs, J-abortion? Can we all afford to wait for 2014 for anything to get done in Washington? Two more years of Eric Cantor and John Boehner?

I don't even think that Peace and Freedom is mounting a challenger to him, this time. If they were I'd probably vote for ________, since Bloomfield has just about - a snowball's chance in hell."

Mr. Bloomfield is an independent, one who openly differed with Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell over his professed mission to make President Barack Obama a "one-term President." Linking Bloomfield to Cantor-Beohner makes as much sense as a domesticated house cat trying to dance with an independent lynx: both have four feet and willingness to swing, but both differ on how to forage for their food or fight for their future. Recently, Bloomfield has pledged that he will not caucus with either party, but will insist that the two leaders in Congress work with him and the No Labels Caucus to place him on key committees.

I have spoken with Democrats -- who were willing to listen -- as well independents in Venice and Santa Monica. Their support and interest in Mr. Bloomfield's independent candidacy suggest that the "snowball" will snowball into a grassroots rebellion against unaccountable incumbents like Henry Waxman the Taxman.

"Realizing the it's Waxman, or the Bush/Cheney/McCain Campaign chair - are you all really going to vote against Waxman????"
Mr. Bloomfield helped Presidential candidate John McCain win the 2008 presidential nomination, and McCain and Bush-Cheney were out of step on a number of issues. Waxman is more in line with the same "compassionate conservatism" of more government and more nanny-statism for which "Dubya" became notorious.

"Independent my-ass! Dude was a George Duuuh-bya campaign chair."

See above. I will also add that President George W. Bush presided over one of the largest expansions of spending and government in Washington -- "compassionate conservatism" which was not compassionate toward our future nor conservative toward the present. Bloomfield opposes such out-of-control spending, a disturbing trend which pushed many Republicans into the Independent column.

Other empty insults which I have heard have sand-bagged Mr. Bloomfield as a member of the Tea Party Movement, a political community which has differed with Mr. Bloomfield on his "lack of purity." The truth is, Mr. Bloomfield is a true independent, refusing to take donations from major parties or corporate donors. What about Mr. Waxman?

The immoderate attacks which indict Mr. Bloomfield for immoderation are just untenable and unsupportable. Bloomfield helped out John McCain's presidential campaign, the same Arizona senator who offended the very "arch-conservatives" which some uninformed activists attempt to link to Bloomfield. "Maverick" McCain has broken with the GOP on issues, sometimes inviting ire, derision, or admiration, depending on the issues at stake.

Former Mayor Richard Riordan of Los Angeles (1993-2001) typifies the moderation that Mr. Bloomfield wishes to bring to Congress. Riordan enacted sweeping reforms to streamline business regulations in Los Angeles. He supported hiring 3,000 new police officers, although the city did not possess the adequate space to provide the needed time and resources to hire so many officers. Following the 1992 LA riots, crime and public safety were a core issue for Riordan, and during his tenure, the crime rate dropped overall. Yet he was a centrist who worked with a Democratic City Council to enact as much as he could for the improvement of Los Angeles. It was Richard Riordan who pressed for mayoral term limits, the same that forced him out of office.

Like Riordan, Bloomfield has a track record of working with Republicans as well as supporting Democratic candidates. He has partnered with staunch Democrat Michelle Rhee, the former Chancellor for the Washington D.C. public schools. He has supported numerous Democratic candidates as well as Republican candidates. Like Riordan, Bloomfield wants to reform

Bloomfield's support for E-Bay CEO Meg Whitman, a pro-choice Republican, was based on the respected perception that her business acumen would better serve the state of California instead of a progressive who had already served in the governor's mansion, squandering a surplus left over from the Reagan administration of 1967-1975.

Jerry Brown resisted and discouraged Prop 13, which protected property taxes from skyrocketing in the state of California while also enacting tax reform which would require 2/3 majorities in the legislature before any tax increases could be enacted in the state. Prop 13 is the only thing that keeps a majority in Sacramento from taxing and spending the State of California into a long-range depression.

The issues most important to Bloomfield are the same issues which the voters in the Santa Monica Bay deem important. Ending lawsuit abuse, returning the power of the ballot and the paycheck to individual workers, letting the voters choose their politicians, not the other way around. The central motive behind the Open Primary and the Citizens' Redistricting Commission, both of which were opposed by 38-year incumbent Henry Waxman.

A fresh face, new ideas, and a desire to compromise -- Bill Bloomfield brings a better aim and game to Southern California than Henry Waxman's 38 years of tax-and-spend governmental expansion,which has done nothing to end debt and deficits, or diminish the looming default menacing the United States.

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