Thursday, August 23, 2012

McCaskill: MisCast for Missouri / No Skill to Outrun Record

Cannot Run Fast Enough
Embattled incumbent Senate Claire McCaskill of Missouri must have assumed that first promoting then dumping on GOP candidate Todd Akin would assure her another six years in the Senate. However, no matter how loud she howls about Congressman Todd Akin's missteps and misstatements, she cannot run away from her lock-step liberal record while representing a conservative state.

Strangely enough, McCaskill endorsed candidate Barack Obama in early 2008 (McCaskill for Obama ).  McCaskill claimed that 2008 would be a historical election, one in which unborn generations would swoon hearing about soaring hope and “Yes We Can” populist optimism.

Nevertheless, McCaskill has tried her best to distance herself from the President whom she had so enthusiastically supported. Despite the best attempts by this Senator, one who has jumped in line with one of the most illiberal liberal presidents in modern times, she cannot run away from her record of running up debts and deficits while supporting the runaway expansion of the federal government at the expense of the states and the people.
From the failed stimulus extension of unemployment benefits, from Dodd-Frank (Source) to ObamaCare, McCaskill has been one more reliable vote for the Obama-Reid-Pelosi expansion of state power at the expense of individual liberty and economic freedom. (McCaskill's Liberal Vote Record)

Four years later, she vocally and publicly opposed President Obama’s intention of staging the Democratic National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri. As soon as ObamaCare was ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court, she refused to report her reaction to the ruling. In fact, the media in her home state could not track her down to get her reaction on the issue. (McCaskill on the Run). Apparently, she views President Obama as a huge liability to her reelection prospects. So much so, that she also has no intention of attending the renomination ceremony of the embattled incumbent President.
One year after Obama’s election, McCaskill faced one of the most severe townhall meetings during the passage of ObamaCare.

Her constituents vocally registered their discontent with Senator McCaskill as she insisted on pressing ahead to support ObamaCare. She claimed that she would not vote for a bill that was not deficit neutral, when in fact ObamaCare is already projected to cost $2.6 trillion  (ObamaCare Cost Increase) plus the huge and increasing raid of Medicare (Medicare Cuts to ObamaCare), which is now up to $700 billion dollars.
In St. Louis, a soldier lectured the Senator on the extent of the enumerated powers, which did not – and still does not – include health care (Soldier Lectures McCaskill). McCaskill ignored this veteran, and the majority of voters in Missouri who opposed ObamaCare, pushing aside the constraints which define our Constitution and supported the unprecedented expansion of government power. Another woman lectured the senator on the money-grab out of Medicare, when the largest number of retirees will take on this country. (Surgical Nurse Lectures McCaskill on Medicare).

 At another, Senator McCaskill was surprised at the “rudeness” – in reality, understandable fear and outrage at the looming and now doomed government expansion into health care -- McCaskill asked her audience (McCaskill's Heated Town Hall Exchange) in August 2009:
“You don’t trust me?”

A loud and uproarious “No!” followed and continued unabated for a long time.

“What else can I do? Do you want me to go home?” McCaskill then asked. The crowd roared approvingly.

Todd Akin misspoke once, but McCaskill has a record of ignoring constituents at home to vote in line with the liberal Beltway agenda in Washington. Six years of two-faced “liberalism abroad” vs. “conservatism at home” is enough.
Get Claire out of Washington and send her home for good!

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