Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Romney and Energy Independence

Romney claims he can advance an energy policy that will make this country independent by 2020.

What did Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, or any other line of presidents say about energy independence in this country?

Jimmy Carter talked big about breaking free of foreign oil, only to witness OPEC limit oil distribution and force Americans by the thousands throughout the country to line up for gas, to visit the pumps only every other day, whether it was a letter or a number which was first listed on their license plates.

Still, discussing energy independence from the perspective of making use of what we have already is better than just talking about dates of independence to come.

Romney wants to open up off-shore drilling off the coasts of Virginia and the Carolinas.

"The plan is focused on supply, not demand." comments Seema Mehta of the Los Angeles Times.

Whether supply or demand, this country should not have to hit up petroligarchies for our flow of fuel.

Chavez and Ahmedinejad both should have less of the global profit when it comes to filling up our gas tanks.

If there is one product worth "buying American" -- that would be gasoline.

As far as decreasing demand is concerned, green technology has been a browned-out failure all the way. Solyndra and eighteen other companies have gone bankrupt in the last two years. There is no demand for cars which will demand less gasoline, yet which certainly would demand more of the consumers of wallet, not just in the cost of the vehicles, but the resulting rise in food prices because of the diversion of foodstuffs to ethanol fuels.

Mr. Romney, now is the perfect time to shout: "Drill, Baby, Drill!"

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