Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sowell's Brilliance on Mitt's "Tax Returns" Issues

When Senator Harry Reid claims that Mitt Romney hasn't paid his income taxes, and demands that Governor Romney disprove this unsubstantiated allegation, that raises an obvious question as to why the Internal Revenue Service has not prosecuted Romney, instead of leaving that to a partisan politician in an election year.

What makes this a farce is that Senator Reid himself has not released his own income tax records, while claiming that Romney's release of only two years of his income tax records is not enough, even though it has been enough for other candidates in other years.

If Mitt Romney releases all his tax records going back to his childhood, it will not put a stop to this fishing expedition, much less bring an apology when those records show nothing illegal. It will just provide more material for making more distracting claims to change the subject from the track record of the Obama administration. ("The Paul Ryan Choice": Thomas Sowell

Now I see the wisdom in Governor Romney's refusal to release his tax returns beyond the two years that he has already offered. No matter how many tax returns he offers, the Obama Administration will never be satisfied because they have no record to run on, and so all they can do is attack and smear a businessman who made his way in the world without resorting to handouts and sellouts and bailouts from the federal government.

Now Romney has the perfect defense for not having to do anything but stand on his record of integrity. If Romney had avoided paying his taxes for so many years, the IRS would have been beating down the door to get to him.

The Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has exposed his lack of character and integrity. He insulted President George W. Bush, calling him a loser, yet never apologized for it. He has maligned the character of the GOP nominee with nothing but empty speculation. This Senator has not released any tax returns, yet the shady deal which has dumped billions on another failed bullet-train subsidy from Las Vegas to Disneyland is just starting to get more media scrunity.

Harry Reid has nothing but a failed chamber to stand by, in which he and his Democratic majority have failed to pass a budget for over three years. This is inexcusable, yet Reid has the audacity to take a reed to strong financial and executive record of the former Governor of Massachusetts, the businessman who helped pull the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics out of debt and into an unexpected legacy of prosperity.

Don't give in, Governor Romney. Just give this country a vision of  recovery and prosperity that Mr. "Hope and Change" Obama has failed to produce. Thank you, Mr. Sowell, for providing the nail in the coffin of one more distraction that will not dissuade the voters from recognizing that they live under an administration that has wasted time and energy while denigrating private enterprise and money.

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