Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brown on Health Care

California has a more divided opinion on ObamaCare than the rest of the country.

Still, ObamaCare remains massively unpopular throughout the rest of the country.

One key problem which has cropped up, that the employee-employer dynamic will qualify individuals to receive health insurance, but not their families, yet because the single worker in the family has received insurance, he does not qualify for the subsidy from the federal government.

Governor Jerry Brown has requested that Sacramento lawmakers deal with this problem as soon as possible. There are a growing number of people in this state who make too much to qualify for Medi-Cal, yet not enough to purchase their own insurance through a private carrier.

What has caused this troubling development. ObamaCare's rules and regulations have created such a heavy burden on insurers and employers, forcing up the cost of premiums, that the policies are now priced outside of the range of many working families.

Brown is requesting the Assembly and State Senate leaders come together and work out issues which "cannot be addressed or answered without further guidance from the federal government and additional analysis."

The lack of clarity on ObamaCare's provisions is understandable --- 2,400 pages of legislation and regulation were dumped on the country in March, 2010. Even former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told everyone, in a moment of frank and unconscious candor, that they would pass the bill so that we the voters could see what was in it.

The staggering demands of just trying to make  sense of this legislation is reason enough to repeal and redo.

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