Thursday, February 16, 2012

Santorum's Saintly Social Conservatism

Rising GOP front runner Rick Santorum has offered some very controversial ideas for his potential presidency.

He has pressed the black community to stop seeking welfare from the state and start promoting their own welfare by earning pay.

He is an open opponent of gay marriage and a vocal critic of abortion, issues sacrosanct to the social conservative wing of the Republican party.

He has also disputed the role of women in the military, a stance which has invited criticism and may jeopardize his chances in the general election, should he win the nomination.

His book "It Takes a Family" takes on the radical feminism which has disdained the limited role of housewife for many women.

The mainstream media will stop at nothing to alienate any GOP frontrunner, a shameful turn of events which has dissuaded intelligent and cognizant voters sufficiently. Still, Santorum's strong Catholic bent may not translate very well in swing-states and among party caucuses demanding less government, not necessarily more morality, in their lives.

The American people have demonstrated through the 2010 election and the ongoing upset throughout the country that they want jobs, a more open market, and less government regulation. They want leadership, not pandering. They want a medium and a message that will bring back the mission of the Constitution -- limiting the federal government to protecting our rights, securing our borders, and regulating the economy simply and efficiently enough to permit businesses to thrive and economies to recover.

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