Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Brokered Convention for the GOP -- Groping and Gasping for a Nominee

Mitt Romney is a lukewarm filet of sole -- elite, effete, yet lacking soul.

Rick Santorum is broccoli overflowing the entire plate -- a lot of roughage, consistent and healthful, but too much of one thing.

Newt Gingrich is a mixed salad of succulent fruit and decayed lettuce leaves -- a mixed meal of good and bad pleasant to only the most discriminating palates.
Ron Paul is bonsai sushi -- an exotic taste with a very limited but very devoted following.

The current selections on the GOP presidential buffet have failed to capture the allegiance of a driven majority.

The unlikely also-ran Rick Santorum has won the top vote in three recent caucuses. Despite intensive campaigning, Romney has failed to capture three states in a row.
If the former Bain Capital capitalist fails to win first place in the Michigan and Arizona primaries later this month, then GOP voters will have signaled their growing disdain for an inconsistent pol who has dressed up his conservative credentials just to place himself highly in the minds -- though not the hearts -- of primary and caucus voters.

Perhaps the GOP will faced its first brokered convention since 1948, Then perhaps a candidate will arise from the GOP infighting and spring forth from the current crop of dissatisfied customers, a candidate who pleases all palates of conservatism -- fiscal, national, social -- and all appeals to all tastes -- moderates, Tea Party stalwarts, independents, and disaffected Democrats.

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