Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Earmarks, Warren, and Scott Brown

The only stain that is raising Cain in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and across the country is the ongoing legalized corruption of vote-trading and pork barrel spending. Harvard Professor and Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren endorses this nasty practice, one which is bleeding our nation fiscally and morally.

Senator Scott Brown has announced his support to wipe away this detestable practice, another move which solidifies his political independence and ethical adherence to the needs of the Bay State and the country.

Brown supports free markets, free enterprise, and free people. Who else could better represent the state where "The shot heard round the word" was first fired, the round that set ablaze a people to form a free country?

In spite of a divisive President and a do-nothing Congress, Senator Brown has rallied the interest and the respect of many across the country. He deserves to be reelected in his own right to represent the State of Massachusetts.

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