Saturday, February 11, 2012

Letter to Howard Blume

Since when did the media or the community at large assume that sexual perversion with minors would be limited exclusively to the Catholic Church?

Howard, I truly believe that part of the reason why there has been such an explosion of this perversion in our society is in part because many adults have simply not grown up. A culture that pampers and babies individuals will create a class of individuals who cannot cope very well with the stresses of society.

I also believe that a cult of youth has popped up in the school system, in which we treat youth as hapless and helpless, that they must depend on the kindness of strangers in order to thrive or survive in this world.

We have to stop teaching young people to act as if human nature is basically good, as if we can trust anyone and everyone simply because they carry a smile and a box of cookies!

The plight of illegal immigration is horrendous, one that has exacerbated this problem to the point where parents will not stand up to their own kids. So busy protecting themselves from deportation, they have lost the skill, the will, and the standing to stand up for the kids when they claim abuse at the hand of an adult or other professional caretaker.

This is madness, pure and simple. When will we grow up as a society and stop believing as if the public school system has all the answers for society's ills? Point of fact, the originator of many ills seems to be the public school system, in which adults cash in on exorbitant pensions and top-heavy salary schedules without providing adequate services or accountability to parents and students. When will we dispense with this nonsense and institute a voucher system, one in which parents can enroll their children anywhere they please?!

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