Friday, February 10, 2012

A Final Rejection

I have had enough.

I can no longer in good conscience or in good interest support the candidacy of Ron Paul.

He is not running a campaign. He is running a lecture circuit. We do not need economic theorizing. We need a Presidential candidate who will take on the current President and restore this country to fiscal sanity.

Congressman Paul is Gandalf the Grey, strong in his intellect, but possessing little strength or presence to impress others to take his train of thought and ride with him. Wise but wizened, Paul has advised and instructed far more than he has lead or persuaded others. His views are out of the mainstream, his ideas are bold and radical, his following is dedicated, but also dessicated and limited. A small cadre of die-hard followers do not a majority make. After his disappointing third-place finish in Nevada, it would appear that Congressman Paul has refused to liberate himself from the taut and illiberal adherence to a staunch, libertarian agenda. Politics is the art of the possible. Compromise is crucial to resolving the problems which currently plague this country at the state and federal levels.

He is not running for President. He is pushing a program, catering to a cause. Presidents, however, must be men, and they must mean to lead men. Congressman Paul has failed to capture the imagination of the nation, beyond his devoted fans and a media devoted to anything to attracts devotion among a key demographic.

As of today, I hereby withdraw my formal support for Congressman Ron Paul for President. Libertarian ideals notwithstanding, a healthy respect for the political process coupled with a drive to dive in and direct others is sadly wanting in the Paul camp. If he had acquiesced on the foreign policy, promoting withdrawal balanced with recognition of the hostile world, he would have fared a fighting chance of capturing the GOP nomination.

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