Friday, February 10, 2012

Governor Daniels: The Right Man for the Right and for the Country

He supports the right to work

He supports the right to life.

He supports the right of nations to defend themselves.

He has balanced budgets.

He has balanced competing interests in the statehouse. Certainly he could persuade differing parties to come to substantial agreement in Congress and the White House.

He commands the respect of Democrats and Republicans alike. He does right by both parties, respecting the political process without disregarding his right-thinking views.

He has leadership and direction. He recognizes the causes and concerns of the national, social, and fiscal conservatives, although he has acknowledged the greater wisdom and worth of focusing on setting this country's finances back in order.

Mr. Daniels in one man who would be the right candidate to right this country back to its right standing. I hope that he reconsiders he current withdrawal and runs for President. He is one right man for the right and the right man to do just right by this country.

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