Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Jersey and the Gay Marriage Bill

As a resident of California, which has debated and debauched the state of marriage from the ballot box to the Supreme Court, I cannot think of any other political discussion which has more undermined the integrity of the state or wasted dwindling resources than the ongoing fight over opening marital status to those who engage in a homosexual lifestyle.

I applaud Governor Christie for his continued stance against corrupting the sacrament for those who have chosen partners of the same sex, who want the state to justify their choices. I believe that Christie can save his state time, money, and heartache by refusing to sign off on a bill which goes against his personal convictions as well as the best interests of his constituents.

Under Christie's lead, the New Jersey legislature has prepared tax cuts for three years in a row. The Governor has pushed aside wasteful pork projects and has defended a hurting middle class from the encroachment of the state, who not satisfied with redistributing wealth, now want to change the meaning and form of a fundamental institution. I hope that Governor Christie presses his opposition to the gay marriage bill on secular grounds, indicating that now is not the time for the Garden State, or any other state to debate the extension of civil rights, when for many the institution of marriage remains a privilege, not just a ceremony of preference.

Governor Christie and his conservative colleagues should be commended for their opposition to legislation which does little or nothing for the cash-strapped tax payers of New Jersey. I only wish that his character and integrity were on display in other states, including here in California, where the legislature and the Governor have committed themselves to overriding the will of the people in order to coddle a dedicated but diminished minority as they pursue and unconscionable agenda which ignores the plight California's taxpayers.

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