Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brown Taxed to Talk About Taxes

Governor Brown, you can find the money to pay for our schools elsewhere than in another tax increase.

The citizens of the state of California have no reason to give any more money to a bloated and busted bureaucracy that cannot keep its accounting straight.

Legislators spend money they do not make on projects that they do not understand, they promise in perpetuity funds which they cannot deliver. No wonder taxpayers grow weary year after year of listening to their "representatives" beg the hardworking, and struggling, workers in this state to cough up more money that they do not have to offer.

If Sacramento has to cut its services to the bone, so be it. If families throughout the state have to decide whether to invest time and money in shoring up failing schools, let them at least decide where the money gets spent. Why not permit local school districts to divert bond funds to shoring up teachers instead of refurbishing classrooms? Why not privatize services not essential to the basic peace and quiescence of our communities? Pension and benefits reform must be the priority. If municipal governments declare bankruptcy to permit necessary renegotiations on outrageous packages strong-armed into law by vocal unions, then public employees will just have to bite the hardship and pull their weight.

No more Americans living on the dole. These emoluments are unacceptable. The state can no longer be the trough on which public employees engorge themselves at the expense of the state and the citizens who they are sworn to serve.

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