Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romney Wins Maine -- Barely

There were two losers in last Saturday's Maine caucuses.

Congressman Ron Paul invested time, energy, and money to take the New England state. Romney also pressed his presence there, hoping to stem the tide launched by three shut-outs in the Midwestern caucuses earlier this month. He won second place, just like in New Hampshire earlier in January.

Romney barely won, just like in Iowa, before it was declared that he had barely lost.

Romney is barely making any headway in this primary. If Ron Paul can nip at his heels in a state where he has plunged his efforts, a state which Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich skipped entirely, the Massachusetts Moderate must concede that he has failed to wow the remaining 75% still unhappy with the establishment pick.

Ron Paul has pushed his policies very hard. He is consistent, but he is consistently carrying a small delegation of dire-hard devotees, a delegation that cannot win a nomination for anything. Congressman Paul is a phenomenon, a following, but not a fit candidate. He can certainly help to force a brokered convention, which may be the saving grace for the GOP this year, though.

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