Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One Lady From Maine Decries Gridlock

Maine Senator Olympia Snowe, a three-term RINO from a left-leaning New England state, is withdrawing her bid to run for another term.

Perhaps fearing the strong Tea Party faction which brought Republic Governor Paul LePage to office, the stalwart moderate of claimed fiscal fame justifies her move not to run because of the partisan gridlock which has stifled any legal maneuvering in the Senate.

Of course, she had ample opportunity as a calm colleague of the Senate Finance Committee to help draft a reasonable set of healthcare reforms. Yet despite her numerous crossing of the aisle to bolster moderated liberalism and government expansion, she stuck with her party and voted down ObamaCare.

Her constituents should be grateful that this lady had sponsored pay-as-you-go legislation in the past; however, her subsequent actions spoke louder than her words, and bespoke a moderation of opportunism, not principle, a la former Pennsylvanion Senator Arlen Specter.

Her sometime solid vote for the GOP will be missed, as this country needs all the support necessary to turn back the Obama juggernaut of statism. Unfortunately, if current political trends remain dominant, it would appear that the Republicans will face at best a severe uphill climb to retain this seat for their party, especially in the wake of a controversial party leader in Augusta and a slowly gaining President in the midst of a growing economic recovery.

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