Friday, February 10, 2012

Romney: Severing Conservatism

In a recent CPAC speech, Mitt Romney claimed to possess a 'severely conservative' record in politics.

He is "severing" himself from reality to make this claim. In a deep blue state, Romney planned and implement a healthcare mandate, the anathema of free markets and free enterprise. He raised taxes, he supported gun control, he waffled on abortion. In New Hampshire, he admitted that he knew that he had no chance of winning the seat against Ted Kennedy, but he ran anyway only to test the waters. He is a political creature, changing his colors and cohorts to fit within the next environment.

By "severe", Romney is right on . . . if we consider how he has "severed" the power and the unity of the Republican Party.

He is a Massachusetts Moderate playing National Conservative, and a diligent but disappointed minority of voters are buying into his inflated rhetoric and deflated resume only because he has money. After five embarrassing upsets -- with former Senator Rick Santorum stealing the top vote in four contests -- Romney has demonstrated his "severely conservative" record by severing voters to support anyone but Mitt Romney.

No matter who wins the nomination in Tampa, Romney's severance from politics will be a welcome turn of events for the American people.

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