Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Response to Scott Brown's Press Release Blasting Earmarks

Senator Scott Brown has demonstrated once again why he deserves to be elected in his own right for a full term to represent the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The United States is sinking fast under a tsunami of red ink. The American People are tired of the earmark system, they are tired of "how the game works" in Washington, and they are tired of elected officials acting like entitled rich brats spending their parents' hard earned cash like fiat currency from a Monopoly game.

From her outrageous and unsupportable support for the Occupy Movement, to her questionable ties to Ivy League elitism -- which have helped drag this country into its current economic miasma -- to her professed status and stigma as a puppet-proponent of the Obama juggernaut, Elizabeth Warren has offered the residents of the Bay State every reason to repudiate her out-of-touch liberalism, one which represents the standards of the statist status quo instead of the recovery of Massachusetts and the still illusive success of the United States of America.

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