Friday, February 10, 2012

Goldberg Hits the Jackpot

"A brokered convention seems ever more plausible -- and desirable." -- Jonah Goldberg.

At last, a pundit has stopped playing ballot-box quarterback. When will they quit? No matter how many endorsements rush into the press, no one is satisfied with the current crop of Presidential candidates.

We have no idea what is going to happen. The Internet age has made it all but impossible to predict the mindset that voters will set their mind to in the coming months. I have recently disallowed my open support for Ron Paul, a Presidential candidate who is running for a cause not a campaign.

I do not like Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich. Like hapless handicapped Twister players struggling to place their hands and feet on the right colors, the candidates cannot get a strong following or maintain their standing as front-runners or conservative alternatives to the GOP establishment.

I agree: a brokered convention with another nominee would do the country and the current political process a lot more good, as opposed to the contortions and distortions of candidates fighting for second and third place against a third-rate, weak front-runner.

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