Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GOP Grabs the Initiative in Sacramento

Now no longer the "The Party of No" (or more precisely, "Hell NO!") in Sacramento, the GOP played a pretty political ploy, taking on Democratic Governor Brown's 12-point pension proposal. Having adopted and adapted a moral program for slowing the reprehensible fiscal decline in the state of California, the GOP have demonstrated a mature yet to be matched by the majority and majoritarian Democratic Party.

The GOP is not irrelevant, but certain irreverent to the notion that the state is required to pick up the tab on everything, from public works to public safety to pubic entitlement.

Point of order, Governor Jerry, like the other overwhelmed executives in Occupy-plagued communities throughout the state, has taken on the task of also saying "No!" to the people in the Golden State, many of whom have been far to content to despoil the goose that lays the golden eggs, much of the time the wealth of the "1%" who have chosen to invest their time and energy in wealth creation.

We cannot spoil ourselves on the spoils of others. Public workers serve the public, and their unions cannot expect to bully school boards, city councils, county seats, state legislators, and federal officials without some necessary backlash from the taxpayer, i.e. the 99%.

Pension reform, entitlement reform, tax reform, we need change in the state of California, none of which will occur as long as the liberal statist status quo of Democratic hegemony dominates in Sacramento. I would not be surprised if he created his 12-point plan with the express interest of piquing the interest and involvement of the Republican minority. This short-term alliance may provoke his partisan colleagues in the legislature to come up with tough solutions that serve the state rather than themselves. Shrewd moves such as these can only advance and enhance the best interests of California taxpayers, many of whom are tired of business as usual, which has done very little good for business altogether, both public and private.

Kudos to Governor Brown for having the guts to be the adult and stand up to his party. I look forward to more stable and necessary compromises such as his 12-point plan which will either galvanize or marginalize a legislature which has failed time and again to uphold their oath of office and govern.

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