Sunday, July 31, 2022

Living in the Libs' Heads Rent-Free, Part Four (Hundred?): Kelly Stuart, aka Groomer Granny Spider Karen

Kelly Stuart, aka Spider Karen, aka Granny Groomer

I love my haters.

Kelly Stuart of El Segundo, CA has a long history of defaming, shaming, blaming, and naming common-sense residents, parents, Christians, conservatives, constitutionalists, anyone who wants to do what is right for children and adults alike.

She is decidedly anti-immigrant because she attacks immigrants who love America, who want to secure America's border, and who want to ensure a lawful passage of entry for anyone who wants to become an American.

Worse yet, however, she pushes the LGBT agenda, grooming kids and adults alike to fall into all sorts of perversions. She is a Granny Groomer.

And I live in her head rent free. Kind of creepy, but if that means she is panicking because her hateful games are getting exposed, then so be it.

Check out her latest tweets screaming for "help":

She doesn't understand that I do so much more for MassResistance, first of all. I am not merely in charge of the California chapter. I have been working with pro-family activists all over the country, all over the world. Her Karen crankiness goes further: As usual, she can't help but report the truth about many of the people I have exposed on this blog and in other writings, too. Indeed, any adult who thinks it's OK to push LGBT anything on children or force it into the public square is a groomer, a pervert, and a predator. Spider Karen falls into the category perfectly, or im-perfectly. It's not slander when it's the truth, and as you can see, the truth triggers her bigly.

 But her Schaper Derangement goes further: She actually admits that she is ugly! She is clearly paying attention to what I write about her.

She also admits that she is weaponizing hatred against others.

If it really didn't matter what I said or wrote or posted about her, she would not have posted anything. Now this is how you Live in the Libs' Heads Rent Free! 

 PLEASE remember to report Spider Karen, er Sky Spider, er Kelly Stuart's Twitter account:

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